All it’s Cracked Up to Be

When  you are in the infancy of a business,there ‘s generally one rule…. it’s “one in….all in”.  It’s  an all consuming affair for the founders , their immediate family and in a lot of cases their extended family. Lots of our extended family are not  “blood relations”  but they may as well be. It is well documented  in many cases  that the ability for a … Continue reading All it’s Cracked Up to Be

The House Of Chocolate

The House of Dior,  Chanel, YSL and Cartier are all Parisian institutions.    And  yes… there is a chocolate equivanent aptly named La Maison Du Chocolat  (The House of Chocolate). This French chocolate institution was founded in 1977 by Master Chocolatier Robert Linxe and is now probably one of the most well known chocolate shops in the country. There are 10 locations in Paris and … Continue reading The House Of Chocolate