Dello Mano explores how the Easter Bunny come about?

We all know that the Easter bunny is a rabbit that sneaks into people’s homes the night before Easter and hides colored eggs, chocolates and for the very stylish 😉 , Dello Mano Luxury Brownies . But questions remain – What does Easter have to do with bunnies ? Where did the Easter Bunny originate from? And  is the Easter Bunny contactable to tell him … Continue reading Dello Mano explores how the Easter Bunny come about?

Where did the term “brownie points” come from?

Here at Dello  Mano we’d like to think that everyone is striving for “brownie points” – we certainly are! A client came into our  store the other day and asked abut the term and it got us thinking. For most of us, the term brownie refers to delicious squares of chocolate heaven but when followed by ‘points’, it implies something totally different. We use the … Continue reading Where did the term “brownie points” come from?

Dello Mano Brownies Star!

Today there is great excitement in the kitchens of Dello Mano!!! We just had our new kitchen hygiene and procedures reviewed and we was given our Star Rating for our premises at 29 Doggett St. Check out this video of the very excited team…. and let them tell you our Star Rating. Everyone has worked so hard – thanks to the team – great excitement … Continue reading Dello Mano Brownies Star!

Brownie Passion +

Yes it is true we are absolutely passionate about brownies but for many of you who have visited our Dello Mano store at 29 Doggett St. Teneriffe you’ll know that we too love art. The words  Dello Mano  are corrupted Italian for “of the hand” meaning that we hand make our brownies, chocolates and cookies. As we were fitting out our new Doggett St. store … Continue reading Brownie Passion +

BMW luxury meets Dello Mano luxury brownie

BMW recently launched their new 3 series. Dello Mano was fortunate to attend with our luxury brownies forming part of the “luxury”celebration. The launch was a great success with over 1000 people attending the Motorline BMW showroom at Daisy Hill. Our lovely Jen was there and given a wonderfully warm reception as she sampled the range of Dello Mano Luxury Brownies. Guests at the BMW … Continue reading BMW luxury meets Dello Mano luxury brownie