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How to Make Truffles Like a Pro

Belgian Chocolate Truffles
Dello Mano Belgian Chocolate Truffles

So you love truffles? Here at Dello Mano, we do too! Next to brownies, our truffles are all-time best-sellers. Well, everyone loves truffles. These wonderful and luxurious rounded chocolate-coated chocolate treats are really addictive, and are often given as gifts.

What are truffles?

Truffles are very rich and luscious chocolate balls made from  ac chocolate ganache. They’re  are often rolled in cocoa powder, and are named after a precious and very expensive truffle fungus because of their physical resemblance. Now, there are many versions of chocolate truffles, and aside from the traditional cocoa powder, they are also rolled in confectioner’s sugar or finely chopped nuts, and even spices like paprika.

Dello Mano’s hand rolled velvety dark chocolate truffles come in Classic Belgian Chocolate, Madison Mint and Strawberry flavours.

Of course, you can always order from our online store to experience handmade chocolate truffle at its best, but it is also enjoyable to make your own sometimes.

And in this article, we’ll make that part easier for you.

Making Truffles like a Pro

Making supremely rich truffles from scratch can be really fun. You can even make variations to a traditional recipe. But first, you’ve got to know how they are made. Basically, truffles are made from chocolate ganache. You will find several ganache recipes online and the main ingredients are too few to forget: heavy cream, chocolate and a bit of butter. Since there are only three, it is important that you choose quality ingredients, especially when it comes to chocolates. Here at Dello Mano, we only use the finest quality Belgian chocolate not just in truffles and brownies but in our cakes and other chocolate gifts as well. Dark chocolate is a popular choice for truffles because it offers an intense and really addictive chocolate flavour.

Once the ganache has cooled and has a pudding-like consistency, it is now ready to be moulded into small yummy balls. Do you think the work is done? Well, actually, you’re just starting. Below are some great tips to make homemade truffles that really stand out.

Dello Mano Truffles

Truffles are really irresistible, especially if they are homemade. So the next time you make your own, do not forget these tips. You will absolutely love the result!


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