Dello Mano – the best brownies!


brownie batter

Creating Dello Mano Brownies

Dello Mano is a small family business powered by us and several other equally committed and quality driven team and in fact extended family members. We are in a constant search of developing the best brownies possible and aim to make great food accessible by allowing you to order and buy brownies on line, so that you can have  fresh gorgeous brownies delivered directly to your door or the door of your gift recipient . We spent many years developing our own delicious luxury Belgian chocolate brownie recipe using Belgian Chocolate, real Australian butter and free range eggs delivered from the farm directly to our kitchen door. We also make a range of premium hand made, real ingredient cookies and other chocolate morsels. You can buy Dello Mano Brownies on line or call us on 1300661682 or +610732571678 and we’d be delighted to organise a delivery to you.


  1. Cocolat


  2. Loretta Miller

    I absolutely love brownies! Matter of fact, I’m getting ready to make some right now! I wanted to check out some ideas to make them better, and I came across your site, perfect timing! I would LOVE to see Australia some day!! Would you ship your delectable brownies to Pennsylvania, USA? Oh, and thanks for all the brownie tips!

    1. Hi Loretta – Happy to help. How did the turn out? Yes we ship all the time overseas – there is a cost to send to the USA which is restrictive however if you want to go ahead one day just let me know. What did you bake? Love to see a photo – I love brownies too:) deb

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