Espresso Walnut Brownie Study

Dello Mano Espresso Walnut Brownie available singularly or in Gift Boxes
Espresso Walnut Luxury Brownie – est 2007

The Espresso Walnut Brownie

One of our first of the Luxury Brownies by Dello Mano, this little number has stood the test of time. Well ahead of the trend we innovated and created and continue to create this brownie with real espresso extracted direct from our cafe coffee machine. The flavour intensity of this brownie varies with the natural ebb and flow of the natural coffee bean so expect something a little different every time. Not a starkly different flavour though just different enough to remind you that yes, this is a truly artisan brownie, not made by machine but by the hands of its makers. Richly dense as is characteristic of all the Dello Mano Brownies, it is a wonderful combination of genuine espresso flavour and sweet brown sugar.

The Espresso Walnut Brownie recipe was created from the beginning with Di Bella premium and freshly roasted coffee beans. Our relationship with Di Bella now over a decade long as we continue every week to extract coffee and handcraft our beautiful brownie.

The process begins at our cafe as the Barista grinds and then extracts the syrupy goodness from the ground beans. Meanwhile in the kitchen our brownie baker is busily cracking fresh eggs and gently mixing them with dark Belgian Chocolate, flour, walnuts and pure vanilla to create a brownie batter. The precious cargo of coffee extract arrives at the kitchen bench and is slowly drizzled into this mix and eventually the whole mix is poured into small batch pans. Painstakingly one by one, trays are loaded into the oven and the brownies are on their baking way.

The Espresso Walnut Brownie can be purchased in either of the Dello Mano stores at 83 Merthyr Rd. New Farm or Tattersalls Arcade 215 Queen St. Mall Brisbane City. Espresso walnut is a set component of the Dello Mano Mixed Brownie Gift Boxes and also in the Dello Mano Nut Assortment gift box however by special request a tailored number can be included.

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