Belgian Chocolate

Belgium is the home of chocolate. Brussels, the capital city has lovely winding streets that are literally full of chocolate shops. The Grand Place is the central meeting place for everyone – perhaps everyone that is a tourist! It is surrounded by beautiful old architectural buildings including the house famed to be lived in by writer Victor Hugo. The Grand Place too, is packed with chocolate shops. The side streets filled with not only chocolate but Belgian Waffles and to me the lesser known French Fries.

The Grand Place
The Grand Place - Chocolate shops abound

Belgian Chocolate everywhere – Literally!

Corne Chocolate store in Brussels
Corne chocolate window display in Brussels
Corne Belgian Chocolate
Corne Chocolate

Any chocolate lover would be in absolute heaven with the choices! The mall in the centre of Brussels (below) is filled with chocolate shops including Corne and many other chocolate choices!

Corne chocolate location
Chocolate Mall in Brussels

More chocolate blogs coming!

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