Too Sweet to Be True: 10 Sweet Facts about Easter

BROWNIE HOT CROSS DRIPPINGMost of us can’t get enough of chocolates. And it’s not just during Valentine’s Day or Christmas do people seem to over indulge, but also during Easter! For some of us, eating too much chocolate is an Easter holiday tradition. From brownies to truffles, cakes, and Easter chocolate eggs – Easter gives us a great excuse to eat a little more than we should.

So to sweeten your Easter week even more, here are some sweet, interesting facts about Easter:

  • Easter gifts are made sweeter with chocolates and confection. While there are many Easter gifts online, chocolates have always been a mainstay of the celebration. Kids and adults love chocolates and sweets, and receiving a box of luxury brownies, cookies, tarts and pastries is something every one of us wishes during Easter.
  • Chocolate Easter eggs are a sweet innovation of the traditional chicken or duck eggs. The modern tradition of eating chocolate eggs on Easter is a fun, kid-friendly twist on the ancient religious ritual, and originated in Europe during the early-19th century.
  • Chocolate Easter eggs were first made in Europe, with France and Germany taking the lead. Some early eggs were solid, until manufacturers devised a technique for mass-producing moulded chocolates. Decades ago, hollow chocolate eggs were not easy to make, as moulds were lined with paste chocolate one at a time. Yes, it was painstaking and slow until manufacturers found a way of making the chocolate flow into the moulds. The popularity of shell eggs made from chocolate instantly grew. Now, they come with wide candy and chocolate assortments inside that make them so much more irresistible! Yum.
  • Pretzels were originally associated with Easter. These traditional snacks are thought to be invented by German monks and were shaped to represent two folding arms in prayer.
  • Easter sweetness is real! Records show that some supermarkets have doubled the space allotted to Easter candy in the past few years as the demand for it increased. Chocolates have always been a timeless classic, and candies are a relatively recent Easter tradition.
  • 76% of Americans say chocolate bunnies should be eaten ears first, while only 4% say it should be tail first.
  • 86% prefer edible chocolate bunnies made from chocolates than a live rabbit.
  • Chocolate bunnies, candies and jelly beans are among the most common treats you will see in kids’ Easter baskets.
  • Tons of candies and chocolates are produced each year in preparation for Easter. In fact, it is the biggest candy consuming holiday next to Halloween. At Dello Mano, Easter is one of the busiest times of the year. Many people all over Australia order online chocolate gifts from Dello Mano including our delicious cakes, Easter gifts and brownie treats. We have luxury brownies made from Belgian chocolate, truffles made from high quality dark chocolates and flavoured with either mint or strawberry, caramel nut tarts, ganache tarts, and our brightly decorated Easter handmade cookies that are perfect for kids!
  • Easter is the most significant holiday in the chocolate industry. Last year, it was reported that Australians are likely to spend $3 billion on Easter chocolate and other food. That’s a 5.2% increase from that of 2012.
Dello Mano Easter Cookies
Dello Mano Easter Cookies – hand decorated

All very sweet.  But what makes Easter even sweeter is the fact that it is a time to be with our family and friends, leave our worries and problems behind, and just enjoy the day. Happy Easter!

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