Easy, Fun & Incredible Easter Treat Ideas to Try this Year

Looking for Easter gift and treat ideas? Whether you are decorating eggs with a paint or two, making a chocolate gift basket or some handmade cookies, Easter is a time for squeezing your creative juices and coming up with that beautiful, vibrant and really fun treat to give to your kids, friends and family.

Dello Mano Easter Greetings
Easter Greetings

But with all the online Easter treat ideas out there, you might find yourself feeling overwhelmed. Even getting everything together – all the materials and tools – can be stressful and time-consuming.

So we’ve come up with the following unique and really amazing Easter treat ideas that can make this holiday truly fun and memorable.

Go for Easter egg cookies.

chick Easter cookiesThere’s no better (or should we say yummier?) thing than preparing a basket of delicious Easter egg cookies for kids (and even kids at heart). Cookies are a staple to any celebration. Stuff plenty of coloured paper strips in a cute hand woven basket or something similar and then place the cookies inside. Put some jelly beans too. They will make your basket more colourful and really appetizing. If you are not comfortable making your own cookies or you’re looking for some fancy, artistically decorated Easter egg cookies, check out Dello Mano’s Easter gift collection. We have handmade Easter egg cookies that taste as good as they look!

Make Jelly Easter Eggs.

Want something cute, colourful, easy and delicious for Easter? Why not make some edible Easter eggs using jelly? Yes. You only need egg moulds, which you can order online or buy from a local baking supply store, and a packet or two of jelly powder (depending on how many jelly eggs you are making). Once the jelly eggs have cooled down, you can decorate them with coloured sprinkles, or perhaps pipe lovely swirls of your favourite frosting. Cream cheese, chocolate or vanilla frosting would be perfect. Easy peasy but incredibly fun and delicious!

Get versatile with blackboard eggs.

If you easily get bored with the design of your Easter eggs, why not make some blackboard eggs? Simply coat the eggs with blackboard paint. Once dry, you can make drawings using coloured chalks. And by the moment you fell out of love with the pattern on the egg, simply get a tissue paper and wipe it off. Then draw again!

Use tattoo.

Don’t have the hands of an artist? It’s okay. You really don’t have to. And even if you have, but you lack the time, then getting some tattoo stickers will do the trick. Simply apply the fake tattoos on the eggs the way you would do on your skin and bingo – you have some beautifully decorated Easter eggs. Look for luminous tattoos, or you can use fancy stickers too.

A delectable chocolate gift basket is fun too.

SONY DSCEaster is incomplete without chocolates! So don’t forget to prepare a very nice chocolate gift basket for your guests, friends and family. Or to make it sweeter, why not have their chocolates delivered to their doorstep? At Dello Mano, we offer hampers of handmade chocolates and luxury brownies that are perfect as gifts not just for Easter but for any other occasion, and even during ordinary days when you just want to show some sweetness to your loved ones.

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