Welcoming Easter: What Are Easter Eggs All About?’

Easter Sunday is one of the holidays we look forward to each year. Beautiful and brightly coloured eggs, egg hunts, and of course, giving out Easter chocolates, are all integral to this special occasion.

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Most people understand Easter but what does Easter have to do with eggs and the Easter bunny?

Eggs were created to make Easter more attractive to the people by incorporating spring fertility rituals in celebrating Easter, which resulted to the egg and bunny traditions.

Now, Easter Sunday has become a festive activity that is enjoyed by the young and old. Everywhere you go, you will see people really having a great time decorating their Easter eggs, preparing their specialty dishes, wrapping Easter gifts, and participating in fun games and activities. The oldest Easter Sunday tradition involved dyed and painted chicken eggs. But as people become more creative and innovative, we now have Easter chocolates artistically turned into egg-shaped figures and decorated with edible paints (made from sugar syrups or candy melts). Some people enjoy putting all sorts of candies like jelly beans in plastic egg shells.

There’s no doubt about it – the celebration of Easter is more enjoyable, fun and ‘delicious’ today than it was decades ago!

Painting eggs is an old tradition that exists until now. Our Dello Mano team has just created gorgeous Easter egg cookies and Egg brownies. These vibrantly decorated cookies are deliciously handmade – perfect treat, gift and snack for the Easter weekend. They are also a great alternative Easter chocolate gift for children.

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All of us enjoy Easter egg hunting and rolling – two popular traditions practised in many parts of the world. Eggs are rolled as a symbolic re-enactment of the rolling away of stones from Christ’s tomb.

Egg hunts are really fun. Apart from the traditional hardboiled eggs that are brightly painted and decorated, many people prefer Easter chocolates and candies that come in various sizes. It is not surprising really, as most of us love the sweet and comforting taste of chocolates. You will find Easter chocolates that are hollow, while some are pure chocolate balls rolled to resemble real eggs.

Dello Mano Easter Brownie Eggs

Of course, for pastry and chocolate lovers, there are many other choices this Easter. Dello Mano now offers delicious Easter gifts, from luxury brownies to truffles, tarts, as well as beautifully decorated handmade cookies. Each batch of chocolate treats and confection is sure to make your Easter celebration more fun, sweeter, and memorable.

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