Celebrating Mother’s Day with Dello Mano

Being a mum is the toughest job on earth. There will be no bakers, doctors, lawyers, scientists, engineers, actors or artists etc. without a caring mother who nurtured and supported these people to be who they are now. Mother’s Day is celebrated to honour our mums and show gratitude for all their sacrifices as they raised us.

Mother’s day is a time of celebration of mums everywhere. It is a perfect moment to give them a precious gift and show them how much we appreciate their being a part of our lives.

A Tradition of Appreciation

SONY DSCGiving gifts on Mother’s Day is a tradition that began in Australia. It was started by Janet Heyden, a resident of Leichardt Sydney, in 1924. Touched by the lonely and forgotten mothers during her visit to a patient at Newington State Home for Woman, Heyden rounded up support from local school children and businesses to donate and bring gifts to the women. It then became a yearly campaign which was supported by many local businesses and residents in the community.

Now, this tradition is the highlight of any Mother’s Day celebration not just in Australia but all throughout the world. In the present times, it is through giving presents that we get to show to our mums and mother figures (relatives, guardians and foster mums), how much we cherish them and how much we appreciate what they have done for us.

Speaking of gifts, while there are so many choices in both local and online stores – three things always stand out: flowers, cards and chocolates. These popular gifts for Mother’s Day come in varying designs and packaging, and you are sure to find the best one for your mum.

Being the top choice of many when it comes to chocolates and brownies, Dello Mano offers a wide range of beautiful and decadent treats on Mother’s Day. We believe that every mum deserves something great and unique on her special day, so we came up with beautiful, handcrafted gifts that are exclusively made for them. Your mum may have even baked some brownies for you when you were a child. It’s time to relive those beautiful memories by giving her a box of luxury brownies from Dello Mano.

Why Dello Mano Brownies for Mother’s Day?


What makes Dello Mano brownies different?

First of all, these delicious morsels are hand baked in small batches to ensure superior taste and quality. We only use premium, luxury ingredients to achieve a wonderfully rich chocolate flavour. Each brownie gift is hand wrapped, so a part of our heart goes out to the recipient. And because we deliver luxury brownies all over Australia, you need not worry about surprising your mum even though you are miles away.

Whatever your mum wants – whether she wants it plain or nutty, classic or gluten-free, we have the perfect brownie gift to suit her taste! These luscious luxury brownies come in an elegant gift box finished with pink ribbon.

For the ultimate thank-you and love token this Mother’s Day, send Dello Mano brownies to her.

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