5 Ways To Spoil Mum on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is that one special day of the year when the most important women in our lives are celebrated. It’s always nice to give our supermums a restful break. After all that our mums have done (and keep on doing) for us, isn’t it about it we give back?

We’ve rounded up 5 ideas you might want to try. Take a look:

1. Start the day right with a great meal.

As a child, my siblings and I would let mum sleep in and bring her breakfast in bed. Sure we left the kitchen in a big mess and we served her a burnt toast (or two) but she loved it nonetheless!

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When was the last time you made mum a meal? Bring out that inner chef in you and whip up something extra special for the most important meal of the day. Not a kitchen wiz or don’t have the time? Don’t fret, treat mum to Dello Mano Cafe for breakfast or lunch instead. She’ll love the ambiance and the meals that are fit for a queen.

Crepes anyone?
Eggs Benny with spinach and prosciutto

2. Schedule a spa date

Nothing says pampering like a relaxing retreat to a spa. Let mum soak up the stress and worries away, let the massage and treatments take her mind off the daily hustle and bustle—make her feel beautiful and cared for. Make a spa date a true luxury moment by making it a ladies’ bonding–with your sister, aunts or even grandma!

Most mums will love a spa date but in case yours isn’t a fan, you can easily swap a spa date with something else that she likes. Shopping or a movie, maybe?

3. Round up the ladies for High Tea

Living a busy life takes its toll on everyone, our mums are no exception. Has it been forever since mum has seen her friends? Why not say that you care by bringing her gal pals together for tea? Just like the spa date, this can be extra fun when done with several generations of ladies in the family too. Lovely delicate treats, tea and countless hours of catching up, that sure sounds like an activity mum would love.

4. Say it with sweet nothings

Chocolates and flowers can really brighten up mum’s day. But kick it up a notch with something more decadent and fancy. Surprise mum by giving her more than store bought goodies—give her handmade goodness! Each mother’s day, Dello Mano offers I Love You Mum Luxury brownie gift setshampers and celebration cakes for the special occasion. Since Dello Mano also does delivery, you can send mum some love even if you are not in the same city.

5. Make it extra personal

Whether they will admit it or not, mums can be very sentimental too. Just think about those childhood photos of yours or those handmade masterpieces you gave her from 10 Mother’s Days ago that she kept!

Giving mum something personal and sentimental to remind her of your bond will be a great gesture she will cherish for ages.

Most of our photos are digital these days so many mums appreciate hard copies they can look at (especially if yours is also not the tech savvy kind) anytime they want. Photo books make for great memory keepers and they last long too.

Whatever it is that you end  up doing for mum on Mother’s Day, it’s important to remember that it only becomes a precious luxury moment if you make time and spend it with her.

Which ideas do you like best? What’s you most memorable Mother’s Day gift for mum? We’d love to read your thoughts below!

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