10 Heartfelt Ways to Surprise Your Mum this Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Are you tired of the usual surprises you do for your mum each year? Fortunately, there’s more to celebrating this special occasion. This coming Mother’s Day, you can make it more special, fun and really unforgettable. And we’ve got some really great tips for you!

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Dello Mano Luxury Hand Made Brownie Hearts

Ready? Let’s start.

Treat her like a queen. Just like others, your mum probably lacks the time to pamper herself. This coming Mother’s Day, give her a reason to feel like a queen. Take her to a spa for an hour-long massage or a relaxing aromatherapy, and follow it with a coffee or glass of champagne!

Take her to an exotic trip. So your mum dreams of going to Paris? Okay. You need not go there if you can’t afford it. You can still enjoy a little taste of France or any of your mum’s dream destinations without having to leave home. How? Simple. Make or buy some croissants for breakfast, or some lovely crusty bread and salad nicoise for lunch. If you’re ambitious, try some chocolate éclairs for dessert. And for an added touch, adorn your dining area with some beautiful fresh flowers, and cover the table with red-and-white-checkered cloth. And oh – don’t forget to play some French music too. While you can’t always take her to somewhere else, you can always bring her that place, and give her a wonderful and memorable experience.

Get her something she really wants. You don’t have to go overboard and give her an expensive gift. But you have to choose something nice that she will really appreciate.

Fill her day with sweetness. Make Mother’s Day a sweet day to remember for your dearest mum. Bake her a cake, or spoil her with some luxury brownies. If you can’t be present on Mother’s Day, sending her an online chocolate gift is the best route to go. Don’t forget to attach a card that says the magic words “I love you.”


Organise a family dinner. And don’t forget the surprise guests! It may take some time calling or reaching out to your mum’s closest friends or relatives, but this will surely bring joy to her heart (and perhaps tears to her eyes). Plan a simple meal that you can prepare ahead of time. Be the host. Let her enjoy the moment and the company of her unexpected visitors.

Writer her a letter. If you are giving her a Mother’s Day gift, do not forget to seal it with a letter. It can be one of the least expensive, yet it’s also one of the most heartfelt ways to tell your mum how much she means to you. Get hold of a pretty paper. Write down the thank-yous, sentiments, stories and happy memories of the past, and let her know how you feel.

Take charge of the house work. Wash the dishes, clean the house, water the plants, change the curtains, and put some fresh flower vases around the house. Make this day some kind of a day off from all her house chores. Give her all the time to relax, unwind and enjoy. She absolutely deserves it.

Make her a tribute video. It’s time to get a little more creative! Get her closest friends to say their messages, collect her beautiful throwback pictures, and add her favourite song in the soundtrack. Making a video is a little time consuming so make sure you do this beautiful surprise ahead of time.

Give little surprises throughout the day. Make Mother’s Day a day full of surprises. Start this day by preparing your mum a breakfast in bed. Place some luxury products in her bathroom, have her open the door for a chocolate gift delivery, place “thank you” sticky notes all around the house, play her favourite movie in the afternoon, and cook a special dinner for her. For sure, your mum will be smiling all day long.

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Buy her a special gift. There could be a lot of options out there. But your purpose is simple and straightforward – it is to show her how much you love her. Still searching? What about some uniquely designed and handcrafted chocolate hampers or brownie gifts? Or why not bring home a luscious chocolate cake with a dedication? These may be classy treats, but sweets always make every mother smile.


It’s not every day that we get to show our mum how much we value her. So this coming Mother’s Day, do let her know how much she means to you. Hope these tips have given you some ideas to make this very special day something your mum will always remember.

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