Brownie Ends or No Brownie Ends?

Brownie ends or no brownie ends?

When it comes to the best brownies, we all have different opinions. And other than the texture (whether chewy or gooey, fudge or cake-like), there’s another very important factor that people often consider when rating the deliciousness of a brownie: whether or not it has crispy edges.

Like cakes and cookies, it is common for brownies to have somewhat crusty and crunchy edges. But of course, you only get a few of those, considering that the middle part of the brownie has soft, perfectly cut edges.

Many people prefer brownies with crunchy edges. Even celebrities like Oprah go crazy about them. We all seem to have a hardwired desire for one way or the other. Whilst cakes and pastries are something you enjoy soft and melt-in-your-mouth, brownies can be the exception. Most people like a soft, fudgy and gooey brownie in the middle, but many still like brownies a little crisp around the edges. For many the texture and should we say – sound – seem to make the entire brownie experience magical.


There’s no wonder why there are now especially designed pans that let you bake little brownies with crisp edges. Other people like to bake their brownies in muffin tins to get the same result.

Crisp vs. Hard Brownie Ends

But of course, even if you like the crispy edges, you don’t want them to be too hard. You just want your brownies to have crisp, beautiful edges, not burnt ones. This can happen when you overcook brownies. Not only does the edge feel tough like cookie, it would also be dry, which is the worst possible scenario you could end up with!

When baking brownies, you can prevent the edges from getting hard by ensuring that it gets just the right amount of heat during the entire baking process. Using an oven thermometer ensures that you get the right temperature all the time. And don’t wait for the exact time your brownie should be done. You can check for doneness several minutes ahead of what’s stated in the recipe. To check for doneness, simply insert a toothpick in the middle of the brownie. If it comes out clean with a few moist crumbs, you know it’s good to go.

Another tip is to avoid dark-coloured pans as they can cause brownie ends to brown too fast. If you are using glass pans, lower the temperature by at least 10 degrees. You can also try lowering the temperature of your oven if its edges are already cooked and the middle part of the brownie is not yet done.

When spraying your pan with oil or greasing it with butter and flour, it is an option to leave out the sides. The oil may speed up the cooking process, and lead to sturdy brownie ends.

Brownie ends or no brownie ends? For some people,  brownies that have smooth and soft ends are just heavenly and addictive. Here at Dello Mano, we love soft ends but for others, crunch brownie ends aren’t a problem. In fact, they were the reason to make brownies. What do you prefer?

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