Tiramisu Truffles Recipe

Almost everyone loves Tiramisu so this easy to prepare Truffle recipe is a hit both from simplicity to prepare through to a flavour that will most definitely delight! As with all chocolate desserts like brownies, the quality of the ingredients is everything.

Always use the best chocolate you can – here at Dello Mano we always use Belgian Chocolate. We made the decision to use Belgian Chocolate in our luxury brownies after travelling the world to sample and select the best chocolate. A trip to Belgium and into Bruges left us with no doubt that the Dello Mano Luxury Brownie would be created from Belgian Chocolate. I understand though,  it’s not always available so use the best that you can. The quality of this and any dessert is very much influenced by using great chocolate,  real Espresso and quality Australian butter.  We use always use Di Bella Espresso direct from the espresso machine to create these lovelies!

These Belgian Chocolate truffles are a great dessert for casual entertainment as they can be prepared well in advance. The flavour combination is delicious and will really impress your guests or chocolate gift recipient.

I know if pushed we go for brownies here at Dello Mano however occasionally we, just like you probably look for a different chocolate gift or chocoalte treat. There’s always something very luxurious about a chocolate truffle.

tiramisu truffles (4)
Tiramisu Truffles
tiramisu truffles (1)
Take small amounts of the mixture and roll them quickly between your hands to create a ball shape
tiramisu truffles (2)
Place each truffle in the cocoa and roll until it is fully covered
tiramisu truffles (3)
Repeat with each truffle until all of the mixture has been used
tiramisu truffles (5)
Enjoy eating this easy and yummy treat!


  • 1 cup crumbled cake or biscuit
  • 2 tbsp espresso liquid ( we use direct from the Esprsso Machine in the Dello Mano Cafe)
  • 25g Australian butter
  • 1 cup dark Belgian chocolate – cut to small pieces
  • 1/2 cup mascarpone
  •  Belgian Cocoa Powder to cover approximately 80 g


12 large  Tiramisu Truffles or around 24 small truffles


  • Pour espress over the crumbled cake or biscuit in a small bowl and pour over the espress. Leave to soak.
  • Melt butter over a medium heat and when molten add the mascarpone. Continue to gently heat, stirring regularly, until the mascarpone melts and is fully combined with the butter. The overall mixture will be creamy and almost velvety. Remove from heat and let cool for about 5 minutes.
  • Now place the chocolate on a double boiler or you can very carefully microwave the chocolate to melt. Note if you use a microwave you need to be very careful as the chocolate heats from within and can easily burn without you noticing. If you use a double boiler then be very careful not to let any water into the chocolate – water and chocolate do not mix. :). Once melted allow to cool slightly.
  • Mix the butter/marscapone and chocolate together and make sure the mix is even. Carefully add the biscuit or cake and mix gently and evenly so when set your mix will have some of the delicious coffee flavour through each truffle.
  • Refrigerate the truffle mixture for around two hours, or until it is firm enough to be scooped with a spoon or an ice cream scoop.
  • Scoop small amounts and then finalise shape by rolling in your hands. Roll each ball on cocoa powder until it is evenly covers.
  • Repeat with each truffle until completed.
  • Store in the refrigerator until time to enjoy!

This is a wonderful chocolate gift or sit back with a glass of dessert wine, coffee or even a Belgian Beer and enjoy this delicious treat.

If you’re out of time and have a chocolate truffle emergency you can always take the easy option and buy chocolate truffle as a chocolate gift online at our Dello Mano store. Dello Mano crafts handmade strawberry, peppermint and classic Belgian Chocolate truffles regularly and makes special flavours from time to time.

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