Birthday Cake Traditions

Birthdays are not birthdays without the birthday cake (with candles on top), good wishes and singing the birthday song. But, have you ever wondered where the idea of celebrating birthdays and birthday cake originated?

Fruity Drip Birthday Cake

Scholars agree that the traditional birthday cake has its origins in ancient civilizations. Dated as far back to the pharaohs was and popularized by bakers during the industrial revolution to the modern cake we know today. Here are some major developments of the birthday cake traditions throughout history.

Birthday Cake by Dello Mano

Ancient Egypt 

It is believed that the Egyptian pharaohs conceived the ‘birth’ day celebration on the day of their coronation, not on the actual day they were born. The Egyptian kings were reborn into gods once they were crowned they take the birth as gods hence, made their coronation special by throwing parties.

Ancient Greece 

One theory is that the birthday candle tradition can be traced back to ancient Greece. It was customary for people to offer round moon-shaped cheese cakes lit it candles to honor Artemis, the goddess of the hunt. Candles were placed on the cake to transport their wishes to the gods, as well as to mimic an illuminated moon, a symbol also connected with the goddess. 

Ancient Romans

Many scholars shared the opinion that the Romans celebrated birthdays for their friends and families, and public holidays were created for the more famous citizens. For those celebrating their fiftieth birthday, they would receive a cake with quality ingredients such as olive oil, honey and cheese. 


In 18th Germany, a new form of birthday celebration was now primarily focused on children’s birthday dubbed Kinderfesten day. Germans believed that the importance of having a celebration with adults around kept the children safe from the evil spirits bidding to take their souls. In those times it was not traditional to bring gifts to a birthday, instead, guests would bring their well wishes for the birthday person.  

The birthday song

Nowadays we can’t have a birthday without singing the Happy Birthday to You song. Originally it was written with different lyrics and titled Good Morning to All, thanks to two American sisters, Patty and Mildred J. Hill in 1893. This kindergarten melody as sung at the start of the school day to welcome the children as they arrive and settle in. The modern lyrics as we know it today has been modified and up until 2o15 the birthday song was copyrighted.

Fast forward to the 21st century, the modern birthday cake can be enjoyed by men, women and children. There is something special about eating a cake specially designed with you in mind.

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What was once just a celebration of simple flat cheesy pastry offered to the gods have become a tradition for regular folks. The birthday celebration and cake lit with candles has surely come a long way to what it is today. Modern birthday cakes, gifts and birthday song have gained enormous popularity throughout North America with elaborate themes and flavours that continues to meet the requirements of our evolving preference of big, bold and beautiful and of course, sweet taste buds . We can all agree, it is here to stay and into the next century. 

Chocolate Birthday Cake by Dello Mano

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