Cocoa Powder : Your Questions Answered.

  What is cocoa powder? When it comes to achieving a deep, dark chocolate flavour, good quality cocoa powder can be Β a wonderful addition to your recipe. Cocoa powder, which is widely used for baking purposes, is made from the cocoa solids. and can be used in everything from brownies to cakes. Cocoa butter is usually around 50% of the cocoa bean and the remainder … Continue reading Cocoa Powder : Your Questions Answered.

Getting it Right: How to Measure Flour like Pro Bakers Do

flour for brownies

Flour is used in most baking including brownies

When it comes to baking, how you prepare the ingredients is equally important as the recipe you are using. You’ve probably experienced stumbling uponΒ a cookie or brownie recipe online that has a lot of good reviews. And like most people, you followed the recipe. Unfortunately, your yield did not taste and look as good as what is described on the website. You’re very sure that you used the right ingredients, and didn’t substitute anything for something. So you asked – what went wrong?

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