Belgian Chocolate Secrets Hidden in Brussels

As we posted yesterday, chocolate shops in the Grand Place of Brussels abound – some may say more than anyone could possibly need. There is in fact a crush of small and big name chocolate shops. Exploring chocolate shops with the locals however, many recommend a walking trip to the Sablon.  Definitely worth the walk from central Brussels, this quaint rather up market strip of cafes takes the chocolate shop to a new level.

cafes of the sablon

The Sablon – lovely cafes and more chocolate shops

The strip of shops including cafes and more chocolate boutiques sits in the shadow of a glorious gothic  Cathedral.

The Sablon

The Cathedral at the Sablon

Of all the chocolate shops perhaps Pierre Marcolini was a stand out. The boutique itself is gorgeous and the chocolate flavours  more innovative and tasteful. A number of  ranges are offered.

chocolate at the Sablon

Many chocolates to choose from at the Sablon

The Sablon and Chocolate

Gorgeous Macaron display at the Sablon


  1. Kelly

    Some fantastic photos!

    1. thanks Kel – have many more to come! d

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