Dello Mano in Blog Post by Global Travel Agency


Recently Dello Mano was featured and highlighted in a blog post called “Enjoy the Very Best of Brisbane for 72 Hours”. This blog post was written by a leading global travel agency called Flight Network. Flight Network often writes these blog posts to recommend the best places to go in cities where they send their customers. And they said that Dello Mano is a place you cannot miss!

The past 12 years our goal has been to deliver some spectacular sweets to locals and visitors in Brisbane. It is great that Flight Network loved our brownies, and that they now are sending their customers our way.

This is what they had to say about Dello Mano:

“Time to enjoy some more sweets and possibly also find something cool to bring back home. And we have to warn you, you might just fill up the entire suitcase with this. You’re going to Dello Mano which is Australia’s leading brownie artisans. They’ve been at it for 12 years and been responsible for igniting the Australian Brownie Revolution. With two stores in Brisbane, find the closest to you. You will find a beautiful store, an amazing food experience and hospitality that is world class. Their brownie boxes will undoubtably make your packing a bit harder when you’re leaving Brisbane.”

Thank you Flight Network for the write up, we will look forward to welcoming your many customers to Dello Mano!

Paris Est Amour: 3 Cafes We Loved


Cafe Deux Magot
Cafe Deux Magot – Paris


The name originally belonged to a fabric and novelty shop at nearby 23 Rue de Buci. The shop sold silk lingerie and took its name from a popular play of the moment (1800s) entitled Les Deux Magots de la Chine. Its two statues represent Chinese “mandarins,” or “magicians” (and “alchemists,” depending upon one’s philosophical point of view), who gaze serenely over the room. These two oriental gentlemen are the source of the name for one of the great cultural landmark cafes of Saint-Germain des Pres. “Magot” literally means, “stocky figurine from the Far East.”[3] In 1873 the business transferred to its current location in the Place Saint-Germain-des-Prés. In 1884 the business changed to a café and liquoriste, keeping the name.

Auguste Boulay bought the business in 1914, when it was on the brink of bankruptcy, for 400,000 francs (anciens). The present manager, Catherine Mathivat, is his great-great-granddaughter.

It was frequented by famed artists such as Elsa Triolet, Louis Aragon, Hemingway and Andre Breton.

Les Deux Magots is one of Paris’ most famous (and most touristy) cafés, but it’s a fun scene to sit and have a coffee out front if the weather’s good. Located in the formerly artsy and now trendy and espensive Saint-Germain-des-Prés area, Les Deux Magots is mostly famous for its prestigious clientele over the years, including Ernest Hemingway, Jean-Paul Sartre, Pablo Picasso, Albert Camus; the list goes on and on  It’s a great feeling to sit enjoying a coffee and think about the brilliant folks who used to used to do the same thing in the same place.

6, place Saint-Germain-Des-Prés, 75006 Paris


Cafe Paris
Cafe Au Petit fer a Cheval

A Marais institution, the Little Horseshoe is a pocket-size cafe-bar with an original horseshoe-shaped zinc bar from 1903. The place overflows with regulars from dawn to dark. Great apéro spot and great WC – stainless-steel toilet stalls straight out of a Flash Gordon film (actually inspired by the interior of the Nautilus submarine in Jules Verne’s 20,000 Leagues under the Sea ).
30 rue Vieille du Temple4e

Au Petit Fer A Cheval means “little horseshoe” in French. The inside bar is shaped like a horseshoe. The place is petit. I passed it a few times without even realizing it. But this is one of the reasons why it has so much character. If you can find a seat at the bar you can eat or drink. They serve a reasonably priced menu and serve coffee and wine. There is seating outside but its limited. If you get the chance there is also a few tables to sit and dine behind the bar. If you are walking through the Marais I highly recommend it.

The name of Au Petit Fer Cheval is very appropriate. It is small, very small. The tiny entrance, bordered by few tiny pavement tables, leads into a very tight bar area, bringing people and waiters together and forcing conversation.

Interior of cafe Au Petit fer a Cheval
Interior Au Petit fer a Cheval

Past the bar is a dining area where the tables are so close that you will hear your neighbour breathing and possibly what they are thinking. You can have lunch and dinner throughout the day from Noon to 1.00 am.

We arrived about 2.00pm and managed to get a table. It seemed impolite in such a tight crowd to take photos of our meals. We chose the blackboard specials of veal (€12) and fish (€18) and a small carafe of wine (€12). All meals are served from a small servery that also doubles as the door to the kitchen.

meal at au petit fer a cheval
Tarte Tatin at Au Petit fer a Cheval

The chef, Pierre Beco, is also known for his duck confit and Aubrac beef sirloin served with fried potatoes and green vegetables. Tarte Tatin with fresh cream is also a speciality of the house.

The service was prompt, professional and friendly. All in all, a lovely atmosphere, good food and classic Parisian vibe. Be sure to check out the stainless-steel toilets inspired by the interior of the Nautilus submarine in Jules Verne’s 20,000 Leagues under the Sea.

If you’re looking for authenticity, you won’t get much closer to Paris than Au Petit Fer à Cheval. If you can get a seat outside, you’ll have a prime view as Marais is all about people-watching.

Open for over a century, the early horseshoe was bought in 1990 by Xavier Denamur. With its latest dining room hidden counter-shaped horseshoe and its terrace overlooking the comings and goings of one of the most exclusive streets of the capital, this tiny bistro has quickly acquired an excellent reputation. The simple and authentic cuisine of chef Pierre Beco, the particularly warm friendliness of the place and all stainless steel toilets participated in the sit lasting notoriety of the former Café Bar Brazil.

Au Petit Fer à Cheval

30 Rue Vieille du Temple 75004 Paris
+33 1 42 72 47 47
Hours: 9.00am to 2.00am (every day); kitchen open from Noon to 1.15am.
Metro: Saint Paul, Hotel de Ville, Pont Marie. Bus: 69, 96, 76, 67


This cafe in the busy market street of Rue Montorgueil seems to be busy from morning to dark.  Its rich history and sheer location in one of the most interesting streets in Paris makes the wait for a table worthwhile.  A crowded street, loud voices of the fruit vendors, tourists and well heeled Parisians fill this space with an amazing almost palpable energy.

Sitting watching the many different folk pass by, there is a real sense of history. The cafe was a favourite of Novelist Honoré de Balzac and again it is such a luxury to feel like you are sitting where these now famous people once also sipped coffee. Open since the mid 19th Century, if you can take a moment to enjoy the ambiance of this cafe will be most grateful.

78 Rue Montorgueil, 75002 Paris, France


Got a favourite cafe in Paris?



Paris Est Amour: 3 Must See Chocolate Shops


Patrick Roger is a chocolate artisan like no other. Patrick Roger is very involved in every step of chocolate making–from acquiring ingredients, developing flavor combinations, tempering the chocolates and sculpting! With a team of less than 15, Patrick Roger comes up with grand creations that are delectable and very detailed.

The clean lines of the Patrick Roger shops really give the chocolates the chance to pop. Don’t let your eyes fool you, those bees and chickens you will see on the shelves aren’t porcelain or glass—they’re chocolates too! Entering his store and getting a taste of the chocolates made us feel like being in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. It’s handmade love for sure!

The day we visited the Patrick Roger Paris store, a one tonne block of chocolate in the window had been carved to a huge elephant. Something really amazing to see!

If you are in Paris and you’re looking for a chocolate gift then you will not be disappointed.

Flavor suggestions: anything with lemongrass, Sichuan peppercorn, pralines and caramels

Locations: Paris and Belgium click here for directory. We’ve vistied both and they are equally exciting. Continue reading “Paris Est Amour: 3 Must See Chocolate Shops”

Paris Est Amour: Our 3 Favorite Pastry Shops

Here at Dello Mano, we’re such advocates of handmade luxury food and products. While Dello Mano style is about refined rustic cakes and produce, Paris contines to provide us with inspiration in our commitment to handmade edible luxury. Paris is everything we dreamed about and more! The Parisian flair for creative artistry and distinct taste for opulence are such great influences, that we decided to share with you our love for the city of lights in a series we’ll be calling Paris est amour. Let’s get started with our favorite pastry shops:


Laduree Entrace
Entrance to Laduree in Paris

Brief background:

In 1862, Louis Ernest Ladurée, a miller founded a bakery. After a fire, the bakery was transformed into a pastry shop in 1871, with popular painter Jules Cherét in-charge of the interiors.  With a combination of Parisian-style cafés and French patisserie goodness, the company opened a tea room for women and became one of the pioneers in the area. Ladurée brand further rose to fame when Pierre Desfontaines (grandson of Louis Ernest Ladurée) thought of taking two macaron shells and joining them with ganache filling. The recipe for the ‘double-decker’ has not changed since then. Ladurée has been recognized as a French luxury sweets maker and the brand has also branched out to chocolates (Marquis Ladurée) and candles and home fragrances (Beauté Ladurée).

Fun Fact: The sweet treats Kirsten Dunst was eating in the film Marie Antoinette were from Ladurée, as chosen by director Sofia Coppola.

What we loved: The elegant interiors showed true Parisian flair. Together with the dainty packaging and fine china, it was a very luxurious experience. Of course, the  delectable sweets are amazing. The Strawberry cake in the picture below has to be one of the most precious edibles we have ever seen. We loved too the secrecy. With much fuss about no photography it has to be one of the most photographed food shops in the world.

Must-try products: strawberry tarts, pistachio pain au chocolat, St. Honoré, world-famous macarons (flavors like Fleur d’oranger, licorice, cassis and chocolate yuzu)

Locations: Ladurée Houses can be found in several countries across the globe and is increasing as I type this note. For a complete list of locations click here.

Laduree Interior
Laduree – the glamorous interior
Laduree strawberry
Laduree – most exciting cake.
laduree raspberries
Laduree Raspberry cake enjoyed by team Dello Mano

Continue reading “Paris Est Amour: Our 3 Favorite Pastry Shops”

Brownie Search at Borough Market : London

We went in search of brownies at London’s Borough markets.  We weren’t successful but wow are there some great sights. This is London’s oldest fruit and vegetable market, dating back to the 13th Century and it does not disappoint. Food heaven; all presented so beautifully. And if not food, equally well presented plants or flowers and all so creative and uplifting. Recommend a visit to this market if you find yourself in London.

Borough Market : 8 Southwark St, London SE1 1TL, United Kingdom

Chocolate Sculptor Extraordinaire

Chocolate Sculptor Extraordinaire 

Chocolate Shop
More Chocolate in Paris


No chocolate lover’s trip including our Dello Mano expedition to Paris would be complete without a visit to one of Patrick Roger’s signature stores. And what a wonderful experience it was to visit this winner of the Meilleur Ouvrier de France(2000). The store is filled with amazing displays of chocolates, the most gorgeous packaging colour and a constantly updated chocolate sculpture.

chocolate in Paris

Chocolate Sculpture

The Patrick Roger Story


chocolate range
chocolate boxed in beautiful packaging

Contrary to popular belief, Patrick Roger apparently didn’t start out being a fan of museums and works of art. Instead he did an apprenticeship in pastry making and moved to Paris to further his skill.The story goes that he quickly  realized that pastry making held no interest for him and he was about to move on to something new when he came upon chocolate. Suddenly he was captivated. The fabulous properties of chocolate most specifically its ability to be moulded into literally anything, held great interest for this artisan and it quickly became his signature. From the age of 18 he was creating chocolate sculptures for such names as Jean Paul Gautier and singer Yannick Noah and before long, Patrick’s chocolate sculptures became a fabulous inclusion for many  events.

The Patrick Roger Boutiques


packaging for chocolate
chocolate packed in the most beautiful colour

Patrick Roger has a number of chocolate boutiques in Paris offering chocolate gifts and other chocolate delicacies. He has a strong interest in developing and including new flavours in his creations and it is said that he will go to extraordinary chocolate lengths to  grow the herbs and breed the honey himself in order to get his delicacies just perfect. He is often considered the pioneer of adding chilli to chocolate ( I guess in the contemporary world) and is constantly innovating with new ingredients as he conceives unique offerings.

Breaking Boundaries in the Culinary World


Parisian Chocolate Stores
Chocolate in Paris

His store windows are often very controversial, whether it’s chocolate moulded nude women for Valentine’s Day or rats posing as chefs for his Easter display-On the day we visited  the elephant was perhaps a very subdued subject, although noteworthy that the sculpture was linked to a fund raiser for elephants.

Patrick is forever working on new designs and flavours and during our visit we tried several of the unusual combinations. I was particularly keen to try the “Bejiing” which is flavoured strongly with root ginger.

chocolate piece boxed in gorgeous solitaire box
chocolate presented as jewellery

I have to confess though that because the cute little chocolate came presented in the most gorgeous little box (see above and below) almost like  a “solitaire” that I have been unable to eat it and have instead kept it to admire.  So, the Bejiing flavour remains a mystery to me!

chocolate boxed
Chocolate presented as a “solitaire”

……and although still yet to be tried,  i just couldnt resist showing you a close up of this beautiful little “specimen”

little chocolate solitaire
chocolate close up

The Patrick Roger Boutiques


Patrick Roger has several stores and each of them is an experience on their own. Look forward to interesting sculptures combined with unique chocolate flavours and combinations. Store details are provided below and the website is



  • Madeleine – 12 cité Berryer
  • Faubourg – 199 rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré
  • Rennes – 91 rue de Rennes
  • Saint Germain – 108 boulevard Saint-Germain
  • Victor Hugo – 45 avenue Victor Hugo

Ile de France

  • Saint-Germain-en-Laye – 2 rue de Paris
  • Sceaux – 47 rue Houdan

One more chocolate cake reason to visit Bvd. St. Germain 7th

chocolate cake
chocolate cake

If you are in the vicinity of the Musee D’Orsay you must pop by to this amazing artisan pastry store. Located in a beautiful angular  corner position  on the very grand Boulevard St. Germain in the 7th is Gosselin Phillipe.

Gosselin are  Patissier/Boulagere par excellence. They are also listed as a Traiteur which in the local parlance can mean a few things such as  eating house or restaurateur .     Their Pastries are simply works of art.

heavenly baked cakes
cakes and baking taken to heaven!

Take their eclairs as a benchmark for instance .Their chocolate offering is a light choux finger filled with  a firm creamy chocolate delight. When you savour one  it leaves you with that “just right” feeling ( not over indulged) It  rates with Patissier Stroher ( more on Stroher Later – the Queen is a VIP client of Stroher)  and Laduree eclairs. In one word, their Patisserie is fabulous.

chocolate eclairs
display of chocolate eclairs

And we haven’t even talked about their ornate and mouth watering  Chocolate , fruit tartes etc ….etc . In fact the fruit tarts were just so beautiful.

the baked fruit tart
baked fruit tart

Their skill is also carried over to other Parisian favourites such as meringues.

a meringue display
meringues a Parisian favourite

I really dont know where to stop with the photos from this amazing store – here is another one as you just need to see the excellence. Simply stunning I am still overwhelmed by the store as I write this blog.

cake and pastry displays
so many gorgeous cakes!

One thing that really stuck with us was the amount of baked produce still available in the afternoon. Parisians seem to take the time to enjoy their pastry and have a wonderful selection available to them all day.

bakery and cakes
people choosing cakes in the late afternoon

As a Patissier and bolulanger this is well worth a visit and a purchase!

Paris cakes available all day
delicious cakes and available all day!

Gosselin Phillipe

258 Bvd St. Germain


The House Of Chocolate

la maison du chocolat
La Maison du Chocolat

The House of Dior,  Chanel, YSL and Cartier are all Parisian institutions.    And  yes… there is a chocolate equivanent aptly named La Maison Du Chocolat  (The House of Chocolate).

chocolate shop
chocolate display at La Maison du Chocolat

This French chocolate institution was founded in 1977 by Master Chocolatier Robert Linxe and is now probably one of the most well known chocolate shops in the country. There are 10 locations in Paris and we imagine all with amazingly beautiful chocolate presentations.

We searched for a Maison du Chocolat boutique close to our week two  “Right Bank” apartment in the Montorgeuil*.

* The Montorgeuil is currently the hippest of hip areas of Paris. The permanent market street and an urban fashion  hub has created an unforgettable vibe in this spot. For the record, Bien and I  are not part of the Hip intelligentsia of Paris. What ….. with two kids, and a Labrador… far from it.  We just happened to know the owner of the apartment from Right bank of Brisbane. What a wonderful location . More on our apartment stays in  The Left and Right banks of Paris and the walled city of Avignon  in the South of France in an upcoming blog .

Louvre art reminiscent of chocolate
art at the Louvre followed by chocolate art at La Maison du Chocolat

The closest  Chocolate boutique for MDC was relatively closeby at the  Carousel Du Louvre shopping centre beside the Louvre. We actually had a hard time finding it because it looks so much more like a Cartier boutique. Well lit chest height glass display cases fill the windows against a backdrop of a dimly lit store. And it’s only on closer inspection that you see the cases filled with Jewels of Chocolate and not actual Jewels and watches.

chocolate display
chocolate show case

A stylish central island glass service counter is positioned in the store, reminiscent of any top end high street jewelry store.

chocolate everywhere!
chocolate displays – yum!

The  Cases contain a selection of  chocolates with flavours ranging from……

Truffles  were our favourite – We purchased a box of mixed which contained dark, Caramel, Milk and Raspeberry ( we’ve noticed that Parisians are enamoured with Raspberry.

chocolate truffles
chocolate truffle gift box – dark chocolate, caramel, milk and raspberry

Macarons are also popular here and quite a substantial flavour range beautifully displayed.

chocolate and other variants of macron
all flavours available but apparently the chocolate was worth trying

I had read that the chocolate was well worth a try and although not a huge fan of these little morsels I decided we must at least try the chocolate version. So I mean if you are going to try the chocolate you may as well try the complimentary range – right?

chocolate macron and other complimentary flavours
chocolate and its’ complimentary flavours

Actually the macarons were delicious. Lovely crisp shell with a very moist and so delicate centre. Each of the macarons in our pack was filled with a fantastic chocolate ganache. Chocolate (and all the complimentary flavours 🙂  ) definitely worth trying !

A fantastic way to complete a visit to the Louvre – art and then chocolate art!

Not Chocolate, Just bread…Period.

poilane store
Pain display at Poilane where bread is both functional and decorative

I’ve followed Poilane for years.They’re probably the most famous bakery in France. I’ve followed them not only in food journals and magazines but far and wide because of mentions in books like Seth Godin’s Purple Cow. Godin, makes note of the  differentiation achieved by Poilane amidst many other bakers and so I was keen to go along and see just how bread can be different in the land of  great bread.

Poilane store
Poilane understated shop front on Rue Du Cherche Midi, 6th

Poilane is known worldwide for their sour dough bread (arguably  the worlds best – although you would probably get an contradictory  view   from “San Franciscans” who would suggest that their recipe  reigns supreme).

Poilane Signage
Poilane understated signage

Yes Poilane ONLY  DO* sour sough (* yes..all but a token pain chocolate or three, a smattering of cookies ),  in a large round  loaf with a  thin  bitter/salty ( more bitter than salty) dark brown and sometimes black crust. Remnants of the baked flour powders the crust . The signature Poilain “P” is baked on to the top of the loaf.

Poilane don’t  have baguettes as this was never considered real bread….. And they don’t have much in the way of chocolate. They do though have some lovely Brioche.

poilane brioche
Poilane Brioche

As Poilane goes, this  boulangerie is all about the food . No  fancy /nor modern minimalist fit outs here. No big signs either. Just wooden racks with bread covering all walls.  Clients queue from outside the boulangerie, make their order as they walk into the shop , proceed to the register and pay. An order regimen reminiscent  of the Haberfield Italian bakery in Sydney and  curiously similar   to the customer ordering system popularised Seinfelds soup kitchen episode  ( order , pay, step aside). We were there at 3pm in the afternoon and the store as you can see in the photo below was literally full. There is kind of an unspoken rule that you enter the store and then kind of move clockwise in the ordering process described above.

poilane crowd
poilane is crowded even at 3 in the afternoon

As with all success stories, this one is  laced with  challenges and the sweet fruit of hard earned success. To us in small business, it’s the type of story that dreams are made of.

poilane biscuits
poilane also offers biscuits and some chocolate in the form of Pan Chocolat

Poilane was founded in 1932 and today the company is run by a third generation of the Poilane family, the daughter Appolonia. Her father was the one to bring the bakery to such high reputation as he refined his  craft as a boulangerie, voraciously eating up knowledge. So much  so that he built up the largest private collection/library of bread baking books in France. Tragically after he and his wife  laid the successful foundations for the business, their lives were lost in a helicopter accident leaving their 17 year old daughter to run the boulangerie.  It would seem that she has managed to maintain all the standards and continuity reins.

It origins as a small boulangerie are not that far from todays manifestation. They only still only  have 3 stores ( 2 in Paris and 1 in London) True testament to the fact that the old dictum that’s it all about Quality…Period.

Just for the record, having tried SD Bread from Poilane  and San Francsico I prefer the  more artisanale Poilane.  Purquoi?  Taste, Texture and history. It’s not just about the bread. It’s also about the people who craft it.

poilane bread so beautifully packaged
at last our Poilane bread , packaged and ready to go!

Having felt like we had made it to bread heaven we scurried home with our beautifully packaged loaf and decided to enjoy it fresh. A very moist, almost spongy texture. Air bubbles even and the crust perfectly uniform and so precisely thin. We ate the bread again for breakfast and then toasted it until finally we ate the dry remains with cheese some 4 days later. We ate it to the literally the last crumbs.

poilane bread at home and ready to eat!
Poilane bread at home and ready to eat!

Apparently the bread is shipped all over the world and we noted many Parisian cafes and restaurants that advertise that they offer Poilane bread.

If you are in Paris then this bakery is well worth the visit.

We visited 8 Rue Du Cherche- Midi in the 6th however there is also another at 49 Boulevard De Grenelle in teh 15th A. Both stores are open from 7:15 to 8:15 at night. If you have limited days in Paris check the day the store is closed because both stores are closed for one day on different days.

Have you tried Poilane sourdough – what are your thoughts? Or have you tried sour dough in San Francisco?