Dello Mano Brownies on the Move!

Earlier this year with the threat of water approaching our little kitchen at Breakfast Creek wharf we were given the opportunity to reflect on our growth as a business and our steps moving forward. For a few days we sat and waited for the waters to peak and during that time resolved that it was most probably time to move on from the Original Dello Mano Luxury Brownie home here at Brekky Creek.  As the days passed our first indication that the kitchen remained dry was on the Friday as we watched a News report from a helicopter talk through the damage along the river. We could see our bins were standing still, not floating and could safely assume that the top level of Brekky Creek Wharf had stayed dry. Sadly for many of the other tenants the lower levels didn’t fair as well.

flood waters at the home of Dello Mano
Flood Waters at Dello Mano- Brekky Creek Brisbane
flood damage at 194 Breakfast Creek Rd. Newstead 4006
flood damage at the base of the carpark at the home of Dello Mano

Dry the Dello Mano kitchen was but unfortunately the power had been turned off early in the week and all of our product and stock was lost. As we sorted added bag on bag of rubbish to the pile we decided that in the new light we would search for a new home for Dello Mano and our little baby brownies.

brownies post the flood
the start of the Brownie pile up as we cleaned out our store rooms

We were wounded after the floods but relative to so many others we were dry and decided it was a matter of picking up and getting going. Importantly it was time to assess our business and take the next scary step forward. Having looked around at many places we were called to come and look at a property at 29 Doggett St. Teneriffe. With another place firmly in my mind, we went down to just take a look anyway. There sitting looking back at us was the cutest little corner shop. We were in love. I imagined the doors tall and inviting surrounded by greenery just like the stores we had visited in France. Although I was keen not to recreate a French look alike, this corner had magic and so with this we were swept up in the romance of the little corner store.

The whole building was once a mechanics workshop I believe and the developers had basically deconstructed the building when we came along. The good news for us was that there was the opportunity to have some involvement in the building and the way it would be set out.

dello mano new home at Teneriffe
Dello Mano New Home at Teneriffe

Work began in earnest planning our new Dello Mano home ( and home for us since we spend so much time with our brownies). Plans were drawn and drawn and redrawn.

As would be fitting, our new Brownie home lease was signed on top of an esky under the canopy of our stall at the Brisbane Farmers Market in Redacliff Place in the city.

Bien Peralta signing the Dello Mano 29 Doggett St. Teneriffe lease
Benny signing the Dello Mano lease 29 Doggett St. Teneriffe Brisbane

The fun and hard work was just beginning with a kitchen that looks like this below:

29 doggett St. Teneriffe, Brisbane
Dello Mano Luxury Brownie kitchen at Teneriffe Brisbane

Small business is a funny thing. We started the year in the mess of the flood and we are finishing it with a building project that took us backward before we can move forward.

10 thoughts on “Dello Mano Brownies on the Move!

  1. A blog! I didn’t know. And I’m excited about
    Your move. Lovely area. Tres Chic. You will
    Fit in there perfectly. I’ve lived in New Farm
    & know the area well. When is opening day?

    1. thank you Jane – you are very kind! We are opening next week probably Tuesday. You’ve made my night with the Tres Chic comment 🙂 It is scary and daunting but it was either this or sit and just stand still – so we moved! The story really is a great position – and really the corner means a great deal to me. I cant wait to see you there!


    1. Thanks Kym – actually at this scary time cant tell you how much the support of you guys and your comments mean to us! from our hearts – thank you!

  2. Just received a surprise box of your brownies from my Bestie & I’m officially in love!! 😉 & then to hear you’re opening around the corner from home I’m now definitely joining Bodywize so I can indulge day & night. Wishing you every success. You’ll love your new location. 🙂

    1. Hi Shane – thank you , thank you for writing to us and telling us that! I am so happy you loved them and that you will be near by. Please come by and introduce yourself to us – love to meet some neighbours. Maybe we shud do a deal with Bodywize do you think 🙂 ? Thanks for your good wishes – it is a scary time and the support of so many people has just made it feel so much less stressful – heartfelt thanks! We have been a little in denial I think just really trying to get things done and all of a sudden it has hit that we are really doing it! By the way love your Bestie too for sending them to you – thanks so much for the support from both of you!!

  3. Hi Ben & Deb,

    Moving can be a stressful time. Glad you are moving to higher ground and wont have to go through the heartache of rising floodwaters and having to throw out all your maginificent products due to a power failure. All the best with the move.

    Peter Wait

    1. thanks Pete – yep it is a big move. As i wrote that it was hard to fathom that we had come such a long way over the course of the year. We are really up for a move and everyone in the team is really excited. Could be a fight to use the kitchen now 🙂 c u there!

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