Dello Mano in Blog Post by Global Travel Agency


Recently Dello Mano was featured and highlighted in a blog post called “Enjoy the Very Best of Brisbane for 72 Hours”. This blog post was written by a leading global travel agency called Flight Network. Flight Network often writes these blog posts to recommend the best places to go in cities where they send their customers. And they said that Dello Mano is a place you cannot miss!

The past 12 years our goal has been to deliver some spectacular sweets to locals and visitors in Brisbane. It is great that Flight Network loved our brownies, and that they now are sending their customers our way.

This is what they had to say about Dello Mano:

“Time to enjoy some more sweets and possibly also find something cool to bring back home. And we have to warn you, you might just fill up the entire suitcase with this. You’re going to Dello Mano which is Australia’s leading brownie artisans. They’ve been at it for 12 years and been responsible for igniting the Australian Brownie Revolution. With two stores in Brisbane, find the closest to you. You will find a beautiful store, an amazing food experience and hospitality that is world class. Their brownie boxes will undoubtably make your packing a bit harder when you’re leaving Brisbane.”

Thank you Flight Network for the write up, we will look forward to welcoming your many customers to Dello Mano!

New York Meets Dello Mano

The Dello Mano Luxury Brownie is now on display in New York! Dello Mano has just partnered up with Abbotsford Road Cofee Specialists, an Australian-owned cafe in the heart of Brooklyn’s Gowanus neighborhood. The cafe is a 27,000-square-foot coffee roasting facility which includes seating for about 40 guests. It is co-founded by Phillip Di Bella, a good friend of Dello Mano owners Deb and Bien Peralta and founder of Di Bella Coffee, Australia’s top specialty coffee roaster and winner of the 2016 Golden Bean Competition Coffee Roaster Competition.


Headquarters of Abbotsford Road Coffee Specialists in Gowanus, Brooklyn, NYC

The cafe opened in late 2017 and with so much competition already present in New York’s coffee scene, Abbotsford Road Cofee Specialists came up with a different approach. The company established the business as a wholesale brand with the goal of providing the finest coffee to help other cafes in New York and beyond become profitable coffee destinations. It is not only a retail establishment, but also a complete wholesale service and training facility for prospective clients and consumers alike. It is a one-stop shop for a brew, supplies, and comprehensive coffee training sessions.


Cafe Supplies for Sale at the Abbotsford Road Gowanus Headquarters

The relationship between Dello Mano owners Deb and Bien Peralta and Phillip Di Bella began when Dello Mano was just starting and still in the process of being set up. Back then, Dello Mano didn’t have a store front to serve coffee. Instead, Deb and Bien approached Phil in while looking for the best coffee to use in creating the now popular Dello Mano Espresso Walnut Brownie. The Dello Mano Brownie philosophy has always been to use the very best ingredients to create their brownie flavours. To create the most amazing brownies, they needed the best coffee they could get their hands on and the concept was to use Di Bella coffee extracted from an espresso machine. Despite being a very small family business and still attempting to introduce brownies in Australia, Deb and Bien approached Phil. It was a brave move from a small unknown brownie company down at Breakfast Creek. Though the business was small, that didn’t stop Phil from supporting the passion and belief the couple had in their dream. Phil loaned the couple an espresso machine. Shortly after, they launched their delicious Dello Mano Espresso Walnut Luxury Brownie with extracted Di Bella coffee. Over a decade later,  Dello Mano continues to create  the Espresso Walnut Brownie in exactly the same way. They also now serve Di Bella coffee at both Dello Mano stores.


Abbotsford Road Founders: (From Left to Right)  Karl Jameson, Phillip Di Bella and Logan Kedwell 

Another proud Austrailan behind Abbotsford Road is Logan Kedwell. He is one of the co-founders and the Director of Sales and Business Development in the company. He started working in the family wholesale fruit and vegetable business where he learned the importance of consistently high quality produce and exceptional client relationships. Managing all four locations of Buzz Bistro, a flourishing chain of cafés in Australia, Logan developed specialized knowledge of the coffee industry. Eager to improve his knowledge about the roasting/wholesaling end of the business, he went to work for Di Bella Coffee, where he was involved in managing corporate accounts, café performance analysis, coffee bean sales and brewing methods. With Logan Kedwell working behind the scenes and the experience he is bringing to the table, Abbotsford Road is on its way to achieving great things.


Coffee Roaster Inside Abbotsford Road Headquarters in Gowanus, Brooklyn, NYC

The Dello Mano dream all began when Deb and Bien Peralta decided to go on a  life changing family trip to Italy together with their two daughters. Before the trip, they took a pact and agreed that whatever they would decide on doing in the future during their trip, they would definitely go home and do. Sitting in the Campo dei Fiori in Italy, the family was captivated by the Italian ‘food-love’ culture. They saw how even the smallest serve of Prosciutto was so lovingly and carefully hand wrapped as if a gift, and then passed to the customer. It was the beauty of this exchange that inspired them to open up a food business revolving on real handmade food. With Deb’s background in Food Science, Marketing and Chocolate Product Development, the once forgotten Australian brownie concept seemed like a great place to start.


The Dello Mano Espresso Walnut Brownie With Coffee Pot

Over a decade after igniting the Australian Brownie Revolution and becoming a Brisbane icon, Dello Mano is set on entering the international scene to bring the goodness of luxury handmade brownies to the world. When Phillip Di Bella, co-owner of Abbotsford Road Coffee Specialists, offered to put the Dello Mano Luxury Brownies up for sale in their café in Brooklyn, Dello Mano owners Deb and Bien just couldn’t resist. The partnership between Abbotsford Road Cofee Specialists and Dello Mano is indeed quite perfect. Abbotsford Road believes that the only thing better than a cup of coffee is a delicious treat to go with it while Dello Mano believes that there is no better treat than the Dello Mano Luxury Brownie. This is a significant step for Dello Mano and a great start in achieving its dream of international presence. Who knows, we might be seeing a Dello Mano café in New York very soon.

Christmas Pudding History & Family Memories


Pudding angle sq
Dello Mano Traditional Plum Pudding


Ever wondered about the history of some of our beloved festive foods? Christmas Pudding is such a part of our festive season yet with years of history behind it, not many of us know where or how Continue reading “Christmas Pudding History & Family Memories”

Recipe : Double Chocolate Pecan Fudge Squares

We bake most weekends and this past weekend was no exception.  With winter theoretically on our door step ( in theory, I say  because the days here in Brisbane at this time of the year really are glorious!) it seemed only fitting to bake ourselves  a triple layer treat.

Dello Mano Kitchen Baking of Double Pecan Fudge Squares
Triple layers of yumness!

The layers in these Double Chocolate Pecan Fudge Squares  do take a little more time however the result is well worth the effort.

Start by preparing the biscuit base according to the instructions below. Take care not to overbake it as it tends to dry quickly and you really are looking for lovely moistness across each of the square layers.

The  creamy chocolate filling is simply a brown sugar and butter mix made super delicious with condensed milk.  I’ve long been a fan of condensed milk. Beginning my Food Science career at Carnation, I remember clearly the joy of huge and I mean really huge, vats of white creamy condensed milk. My job then was to taste test the condensed milk as it caramalises over time.  A  life well spent – condensed milk tasting to now these days brownie tasting!

condensed milk pouring
Delicious condensed milk makes for the beginning

Of course, as we always say great chocolate makes or breaks a dessert. Here at Dello Mano our choice of beautiful chocolate is Belgian chocolate however so long as you choose great quality, the choice of chocolate is yours.

dark chocolate bowl
Delicious dark chocolate

After melting, pour the molten dark Belgian chocolate onto the base of biscuit and creamy filling.

Dark chocolate pouring into pan
Use great quality dark chocolate

Starting to get exciting now – take a little care to evenly spread the chocolate so as to ensure the squares look balanced when they’re cut. Refrigerate.

spread dark chocolate onto filling
Dark chocolate spread onto filling

Remove from the refrigerator and carefully cut the layers to your preferred size. Since we love Dello Mano cubes, we have a preference for little squares, but really the fudge squares could be ribbons or bar shaped.  Just take a little care when moving the knife through the layers to avoid cracking.

cutting double pecan fudge
Carefully cut into neat squares

Sit back and enjoy those delicious layers.

double pecan fudge finished
Double Pecan Fudge – the final product




¼ cup finely chopped pecans

100 g Butter, melted

1/3 cup brown sugar

1 cup plain flour, sifted

1/4 teaspoon baking powder


395 g can sweetened condensed milk

1 cup brown sugar

125 g butter, chopped into small pieces

120g coursely chopped pecans

100 g  dark Belgian chocolate, chopped


60 g butter, chopped

200 g dark Belgian chocolate, chopped 


Preheat oven to 170-180°C depending on your oven. Grease and line a brownie style pan.

       THE BASE

Combine butter, sugar and pecans in a bowl. Add flour and baking powder. Mix until well combined. Using the back of a spoon         press the base mixture into the cake pan.

Bake for 18 minutes or until golden and firm to touch.


Combine milk, sugar and butter in a 2-liter (8 cup) microwave safe jug or bowl. Cook, uncovered, stirring every 2 minutes for 6         to 8 minutes on high (100%) power or until mixtures comes to the boil and is thick and golden. Stand for 1 minute.Add the          chocolate and stir constantly until melted. Stir in pecans.

Add the chocolate and stir constantly until melted. Stir in pecans.

Pour over warm base and set aside to cool completely.


Melt butter over a low heat.  When melted slowly add chocolate, stirring gently  until smooth. Be careful not to aerate the chocolate mix. Pour over fudge filling.

Optional : Spread some crushed pecans on top before refrigerating ( can there ever be too many pecans!)

Refrigerate for 15 minutes to set. Cut into squares and serve.

        Recipe adapted from Stahmann Pecan Farms –



Let’s Talk About Food…Good Food

Dello Mano Cake
Dello Mano Premium Hand Made Cakes

We all love to eat, that’s a fact. These days, we don’t just eat to survive—we enjoy the food, many of us have developed discriminating taste buds for distinct flavors and we seem to be more aware about the issues surrounding food. Continue reading “Let’s Talk About Food…Good Food”

Life is Like a Box of Chocolates

“Life is like a box of chocolates, you will never know what you’re gonna get.”

21 years have passed since the first time most of us heard these famous lines. Forrest Gumpis one of the most quoted movies of all time. The mixture of comedy, romance, and drama that revolves around the inspiring story of a man named Forrest Gump, is not that easy to forget. His wonderful story reminds us that we should strive to be all we want to be – just don’t give up.

Dello Mano Brownie Gift Box
Dello Mano Chocolate Brownie Gift Box

Continue reading “Life is Like a Box of Chocolates”

Easter approaches and it’s chocolate time!

The days seem to run very quickly at this time of the year. Easter is fast approaching and our kitchen is full steam ahead. So many lovely Easter gifts in the making.  Our Easter Cookies are so cute – I just know with our own kids the bar is high and something that is deliciously hand made is always so well received. Take a look at these gorgeous Easter cookies – each one a work of art.

Dello Mano Easter Cookies
Hand made Dello Mano Easter Cookies

We’ve just finished our website revamp and included a page of our Easter brownies and chocolate.  The site relaunch also showcases a whole new range of luxury cakes which would be fantastic for the Easter long weekend. There’s nothing like the handmade.

Dello Mano Easter Gift box
Easter gift box of cookies



Celebrating National Brownie Day

Today is National Brownie Day.  We celebrated here at Dello Mano with our Classic and Mixed Brownie Gift Box giveaways every hour, lots of wonderful brownie and Belgian chocolate tastings and of course our Christmas Brownies, Truffles, Panforte and Christmas Star Belgian Chocolate cookies. There was even a sneak peak at our new Brownie.

Dello Mano Team


Dello Mano Bien and Ben drawing hourly National Brownie Day competition


Dello Mano Team celebrating Christmas and National Brownie Day


Dello Mano Brownie Gift Box
Hourly Dello Mano Brownie Gift Box prizes were drawn to Celebrate National Brownie Day!
National Brownie Day
Team Dello Mano celebrating National Brownie Day

An Italian 13th Century treat you must try this Christmas

Dello Mano Panforte
Dello Mano Panforte is available from 1 December

It is said that Italians have been enjoying Panforte since the 13th Century.  Originally thought to be the “tithe” paid to nuns and priests in Italy and even carried as a treat by the Crusaders, Panforte is now shared by many around the world.  The recipe although simple has some intriguing elements.

Not exempt from controversy it is said that Panforte should correctly contain 17 ingredients to be truly called Panforte.  The 17 ingredients apparently stemming from the number of neighbourhoods (Contrade) in the Italian city of Siena, where most believe this delicious recipe began.  While many of the ingredients of Panforte are similar to other fruit cakes and even our own Dello Mano Christmas brownies, the treat is made unique by the use of a simple boiled syrup, sometimes chocolate and a special spice mix.

Panforte is traditionally made using a honey and sugar syrup that’s mixed with delicious fruits and nuts and a spice mix.  Here at Dello Mano we use roast hazelnuts as our nuts however it is really a matter of personal choice. The Panforte spice mix a little different to most as it contains black pepper which although seems odd, really does highlight the fruit flavours.  Long obsessed with this Italian treat, we are now at Dello Mano in our 6th year of presenting Panforte at Christmas. Mixing cultures as we tend to do here at Dello Mano, we wrap each of our handmade Panforte in muslin and tie it with string as an ode to a Christmas pudding and to help make it a great and unique Christmas food gift.

There are lots of Panforte recipes and this weekend we’ve tried a lovely one at home presented by Gourmet Traveller in their December magazine. If you have the issue it is on the last page.

Panforte is not difficult to make at home so why not give it a go?  If you are going to buy one though, look around for one that is from a trusted source as the shelf life on Panforte is long and they often sit around for many months and in some cases years.

However, you manage to get ahold of Panforte, do once you have your hands on it, make a coffee or tea and sit down and enjoy a thin slice. As I sat with mine this morning  it’s easy to see why the tradition of Panforte has been around for 700 odd years.

panforte wm

You can buy Dello Mano Panforte on line or in our Teneriffe store ( 1300 661 682). We have samples in store if you want to have a taste.

It’s Official: Dello Mano attends the G20

Today we announced the very exciting news that Dello Mano has been selected as an official Welcome Treat to all 5000 plus international visitors to the Queensland Stand at the #G20 media centre this week. Queensland is a place of #EndlessOpportunities and this is a real honour for us! That’s Queensland supporting Queensland…. showing the world that we have Endless Opportunities in our beautiful state. We hope to help Queensland earn Brownie Points with our guests and leave a sweet lasting memory of Queensland with our Dello Mano Luxury Brownies#G20QLD #TIQ #dellomano