Unique Colour Chart for Brownies New Home

barry's foot
our unique paint colour chart

We love  doing things a little differently at Dello Mano and really are intrigued by people or things that are not your norm.

We were seriously amused when we met with our lovely floor guy at 29 Doggett St., the new Dello Mano home. We were there to discuss options of vinyl or epoxy on the kitchen floor. Having decided on our floor type, our very friendly and most accommodating floor man asked me what colour I’d like the floor to be. I said  very practically “something easy to keep clean” and he said “well, how about this colour I put down up north last week”. With that he casually kicked up his leg and pointed to a spot on his boot -this was our unique paint colour chart!

We just loved his attitude so much that the blue grey spot on his boot just had to be the colour of our new Dello Mano Brownie kitchen  floor! And so it was…

(and if you are wondering we are still thinking about drawing some inspiration from his socks 🙂 )

PS : Not only a great man but did the most amazing job of our floor – importantly with such a positive and caring attitude. Lucky us!

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