Brownie Love for Chocolate

Over the past few weeks we’ve had the pleasure of Elizabeth visiting our store and sharing some stories about her family history. Since we love a food history story here at Dello Mano,  we thought we’d share it with you.

Elizabeth is the grand-daughter of William Love, a Scottish Chocolatier who settled in and around Woolongong NSW. He was friends with Edwin “Ted” Street (of Streets Ice Cream) and according to Elizabetsh family legend, was in fact the person to teach Ted how to dip his vanilla ice cream heart shapes in chocolate to create the Streets “Heart” Ice Cream.  Ted started his ice cream business in his shed and the two men apparently tinkered around together, each sharing their own knowledge and expertise. In 1946, Ted opened a factory in Turella and launched his soon to be very popular first stick ice cream called the “Heart”. On weekends Elizabeth recalled Ted travelled extensively in the region with  his cart selling ice cream in the streets.

Photo Reference:

Edwin Street (1891-1975), by unknown photographer, 1900-10

Wollongong City Library and the Illawarra Historical Society, P15\P15267 [left]

Today, Streets is Australia’s largest ice cream producer. Today most of the ice cream products are made in Minto a suburb of Sydney and the ice based products are made in Asia.

Streets was taken over by an international company called Unilever in the early 1960’s .  I found a great Heart commercial from the 1960’s on You Tube .

As a girl I am quite positive the Heart Ice Cream was my favourite …or at least on of my favourites :).

Thanks Elizabeth for your kind visits and for sharing that wonderful story.

If anyone else has a food history story we’d love to hear it.

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