The Ultimate Brownie Cheat Sheet

Luxury Belgian Chocolate Brownies by Dello Mano
Dello Mano Luxury Brownies

Use this ultimate brownie cheat sheet we’ve developed over our nine years of baking brownies to help  you make the best brownies possible every time.

If you’re after satisfaction (not just fulfilling your brownie craving), homemade brownies are the gold standard. Nothing taste better than a batch of freshly made brownies made from scratch, using quality ingredients, and cut into perfection (plus the extra crumbs that are to die for!) Like these:

brownies with mousse

But when it comes to brownies, we don’t mess around. It isn’t enough that you’ve got the perfect recipe. The process is much more important. You could be doing a few little mistakes that are actually sabotaging the ‘could-have-been’ perfect brownies.

If you’ve tried many times and still trying to make the best brownies at home, you’ve come to the right place. Being the leading provider of premium luxury brownies in Australia, Dello Mano has a few secrets to share with you. After reading this post, you are sure to make your own perfect brownies at home!

We call this the ‘ultimate cheat sheet’ on brownies. Ready? Let’s get started.

Know what you want in a brownie.

You can’t just start baking right away. Remember that brownies come in different variations and to achieve the specific type and texture of brownie that you desire, there are going to be some tweaks in the recipe. So decide now. Do you want your brownies to be thick and fudgy? Do you want it cakelike? Or do you want it chewy? What about blondies? Fudgy brownies require less flour and no leavening like baking powder. On the other hand, cakelike brownies have more flour and leavening agent to produce a lighter and softer texture. Meanwhile, chewy brownies call for more eggs, a combination of chocolates, plus some cocoa powder.

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15 Ways You Know You Are A Brownie Snob

1. Your child’s favorite snack is brownies and milk.

2. Your wedding cake was made of brownies.

Dello Mano Wedding Cake
Shane and Tammy Stefanutto


3. To you, brownies don’t just make for great snacks or desserts; you also know that they make any other dessert better.

Dello Mano Brownie Sundae
Dello Mano Brownie Sundae

4. You know exactly which brownie flavor goes best with coffee….. or beer

Beer and Brownie
Beer and Brownie Tasting


 or champagne or wine

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5 Most Common Brownie Baking Mistakes

Looking to make the best brownies? When it comes to sweets and comfort food, brownies in our minds here at Dello mano have always been high on the list.

Dello Mano – The Australian Brownie Pioneers

Way back in 2006 when we started Dello Mano, brownies were just dusty little things on the bottom shelf of a couple of stores.  Cup cakes were all the rage and yet Bien and I felt so strongly about Brownies, that we decided to pioneer brownies in Australia. We created hand made chocolate brownies and so called our company Dello Mano (corrupted Italian for hand made) .  Today brownies are starting to pop up across magazines, cafes and restaurants and now they come in so many varieties. They are sprinkled with chips or nuts, swirled with cream cheese, spiked with coffee or espresso boost, or made plain and simple using different types of chocolates. We are proud to say Dello Mano is the original Classic Luxury Brownie.

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6 Things You Didn’t Know about Brownies

What are brownies? No, they couldn’t possibly be simply a flat, baked chocolate dessert. Not even a cross between a cake and a soft cookie. According to us at Dello Mano, Brownies are little slices of heaven, period 🙂 They make us feel happy, period. And they satisfy our sweet tooth (without being too sweet), period!

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Celebrating National Brownie Day

Today is National Brownie Day.  We celebrated here at Dello Mano with our Classic and Mixed Brownie Gift Box giveaways every hour, lots of wonderful brownie and Belgian chocolate tastings and of course our Christmas Brownies, Truffles, Panforte and Christmas Star Belgian Chocolate cookies. There was even a sneak peak at our new Brownie.

Dello Mano Team


Dello Mano Bien and Ben drawing hourly National Brownie Day competition


Dello Mano Team celebrating Christmas and National Brownie Day


Dello Mano Brownie Gift Box
Hourly Dello Mano Brownie Gift Box prizes were drawn to Celebrate National Brownie Day!
National Brownie Day
Team Dello Mano celebrating National Brownie Day

National Brownie Day

dello mano brownies and milk
Dello Mano Luxury Brownie

Monday 8th December is believe it or not, National Brownie Day. I know it’s an American celebration day but in this case, we at Dello Mano are happy to share.

We tried doing some research and found that there is very little to support how or why this brownie celebration came about. Interestingly there is also an International Brownie day on the 17th March. At this rate, I am thinking to push for a Honey Macadamia brownie day and feel fairly positive with a bit of a push could get it through 🙂

As a food scientist I feel that I should require more documentation 🙂 about this brownie holiday, however to be true, anything that celebrates brownies, the best brownies or a great brownie recipe needs very little further support here at Dello Mano where brownies are our life.

Go ahead have a brownie, bake a brownie or be thankful for the brownie this weekend.




The Original Brownie

First Brownie Hotel
Palmer Hotel Chicago – photo courtesy of

The Palmer House hotel is a Chicago landmark and with a 140 year old history has lots of stories to tell. It was built by Real Estate mogul Potter Palmer as a wedding present for his Kentucky socialite wife, Bertha Honore . It opened in September 26 1871 and tragically just thirteen days later was consumed by the Great Chicago Fire. In a determined response, work began immediately to rebuild the hotel and it was reopened on the same ground in 1875.  Not withstanding the romance of its beginnings and the tragedy of the fire, the curious slice of history for us here at Dello Mano is that this hotel  is in fact where the beloved Brownie was invented.

In 1893 Chicago hosted the Columbian Exposition and Bertha Palmer instructed her hotel chef to develop a small treat that was smaller than a cake suitable to fit in the lunch boxes of the women attending the fair. The delicious Brownie was a result of this brief. Today the hotel is a Hilton Hotel however the original Brownie is still available on the dessert menu. The Palmer Hotel, Chicago one to add to the “Must Do” list.

3 Interesting Brownies Facts

Brownies are full of interesting facts – here are three:
1. The Brownie made its first public appearance in 1893 at the Columbian Exposition, held in Chicago. The owner of the Palmer Hotel, Bertha Palmer requested a dessert for ladies lunches such that it could be packed and eaten from lunch boxes
The Brownie was introduces in the United States at the end of the nineteenth century
2. A Brownie variation made with brown sugar and no chocolate is called a “Blondie”
3. Brownies can be fudgy or cakey depending on their ingredients and the baking process. Here at Dello Mano, we love the fudgy type and as no one was making a fudgy brownie at the time, back in 2006. we created our own beautifully fudgy and Original Dello Mano Luxury Brownie.