National Brownie Day

dello mano brownies and milk
Dello Mano Luxury Brownie

Monday 8th December is believe it or not, National Brownie Day. I know it’s an American celebration day but in this case, we at Dello Mano are happy to share.

We tried doing some research and found that there is very little to support how or why this brownie celebration came about. Interestingly there is also an International Brownie day on the 17th March. At this rate, I am thinking to push for a Honey Macadamia brownie day and feel fairly positive with a bit of a push could get it through 🙂

As a food scientist I feel that I should require more documentation 🙂 about this brownie holiday, however to be true, anything that celebrates brownies, the best brownies or a great brownie recipe needs very little further support here at Dello Mano where brownies are our life.

Go ahead have a brownie, bake a brownie or be thankful for the brownie this weekend.




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