From Easter Chocolates to Music, Parades & Water Fights: Celebrating Easter around the World

The four-day Easter weekend is a great opportunity for everyone to unwind, take a break, and enjoy a range of fun activities and cultural events with their loved ones.

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Here in Australia, we enjoy all sorts of Easter festivals, as well as cultural events like the Sydney Royal Easter Show in Sydney, and the Australian Gospel Music Festival in Toowoomba, Queensland.

Of course, private parties and get-togethers shouldn’t be missed. Who doesn’t love Easter chocolates and egg hunts? Many community groups and families organise egg hunts in parks or gardens, which are participated mostly by children. As part of our tradition, we also enjoy giving out Easter gifts. The choices are endless when it comes to Easter gifts online, but what really appeals to most people are chocolate treats, handmade Easter cookies, brownies, and many other sweet confections.

But what does Easter Sunday like in other parts of the world? There are plenty of Easter traditions being observed in different countries, and below are some of the most fascinating!

Easter in Norway

Norwegians have this very interesting tradition during Easter. They call it “Easter Crime”. At this time of the year, many people across the country read mystery books or watch crime detective series on national television. Others go to the mountains for week-long vacation, which normally begins on Friday before the Palm Sunday and ends in Tuesday after the Easter Monday.

Easter in Haiti

Holy Week in Haiti involves colourful parades. Traditional music is played using native and improvised instruments, such as maracas, bamboo trumpets, drums, and even coffee cans. The Holiday celebration is a mixture of Catholic and Voodoo traditions, which includes drumming, chanting and animal sacrifices.

Easter in China

In China, Easter symbolises the arrival of spring. Much like here in Australia, people in China also celebrate Easter by painting eggs, but the designs are more of symbols and faces. These eggs are handed out as Easter eggs to family and friends. In Chinese culture, the egg symbolises life or rebirth.

Easter in Poland

In Poland, Easter is one of the Holiest days of the year. They have this really fascinating tradition wherein men start water fights with girls. The young woman who gets most soaked is believed to be married within the year. This activity is held on Easter Monday.


If you are a lover of Easter chocolates, you should really visit France at this time of the year. Easter weekend is a great chance for people in France to visit family and friends. The celebration is really festive – with lots of food and chocolate eggs. In southwest France, particularly in the village of Haux, locals celebrate Easter with a massive omelette that uses more or less 4,500 eggs, and could feed about a thousand people! That’s a lot of eggs!

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Dello Mano Brownie Tart

No matter how we celebrate Easter – whether it’s reading crime novels, participating in colourful parades and music festivals, as well as water fights, or indulging in chocolate eggs and treats, there is no denying that Easter is one of the sought-after Holidays around the world. Respecting these differences and showing understanding to these varying cultures is what’s most important.

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