8 Fun Things to Do this Easter Holiday

Only hours to go and its Easter! What are your plans? You must have several things on your to-do list already. Easter is a great time to be with our family and friends, bond with our kids, eat chocolates without guilt, give out presents, share laughter, and enjoy other people’s company. Whether you are thinking of going out for a weekend holiday trip, or you simply plan of staying at home with your loved ones, you can make your Easter 2015 the most memorable one.

Here are eight fun things to do this Easter!

Indulge in chocolates. Chocolates are part of the Easter tradition. So make sure to have one or two this coming holiday! Have you tried Dello Mano luxury brownies? What about our dark chocolate truffles or caramel nut tarts? Yum. It’s okay to indulge a little bit. It’s Easter anyway!

16 pce checkerboard peanut butter close upLearn about chocolates. Don’t just eat chocolates. Learn about them too! You probably plan giving out chocolate treats and hampers, or preparing some for your visitors and friends. To make the Easter chocolate tradition even more fun, why not hold an activity, say a game, where everyone can learn about chocolates? You can arrange a table of chocolate assortments and then place a board where your guests can read about interesting facts about these delicious treats (such as its history or how it’s made). Throw trivia questions too. Surely, everyone will be eager to answer those for a chance to win some chocolate treats!

Get cooking. The Easter holiday gives us a great time to bond with our family. Even kids love cooking too! Make sure to get everyone in the family involved – from your spouse to your youngest. Assign a dish to someone, and have them participate in planning the menu. Make sure to try something you haven’t done before. A little challenge here and there is really fun.

Paint eggs. Egg painting is a traditional Easter tradition that makes the celebration complete. Arm yourself with a colouring set, some newspaper, and plenty of eggs. Your kids will surely love this activity! There is no wrong way of painting eggs. You just have to let your creativity soar. It can be a bit messy, especially for kids, but the fun is all worth it!

Play games. It wouldn’t be Easter without egg hunts, right? So make sure to organise one for your family or participate in many egg hunts being hold in your local area. Counting eggs and winning prizes are really fun.

Have some adventure. Backpack with your friends, take your family for a camping, go water rafting, explore national parks, or swim with the dolphins. There are many fun outdoor activities to try this Easter, especially with weather forecasts suggesting fine conditions for the long weekend.

Give out Easter presents. Show how much you love and care for your family and friends this Easter by sending them gifts! If you’re looking for online Easter chocolate gifts, Dello Mano is a place to go. If you ran out of time or forgot someone, we deliver luxury brownies, cakes, truffles, and other chocolate confections all over Australia. Dello Mano only uses high quality Belgian chocolate to ensure that rich flavour in all our chocolate treats.

009 - BunniesVolunteer. Like Christmas, Easter can be a time of giving. It’s also a great opportunity for parents to instil compassion in their children. Encourage your kids to do something good for others this Easter holiday. Make some Easter egg cookies and Easter baskets for the less fortunate, donate food to a food drive, or visit nursing homes – helping others gives you happiness and nourishes your soul.

How about you? What are your plans this Easter? Feel free to share on the comment section below.

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