5 Creative Ways to Enjoy Your Dello Mano Brownies

Dello Mano Brownie Gift Box
Dello Mano Chocolate Brownie Gift Box

So you got your box of Dello Mano luxury brownies? Awesome. But before you go all the way to unwrapping and indulging in those delicious chunks of heaven, give yourself just a few moments (you can do it!). While they are good as they are, do you know that there are more fun and enjoyable ways to eat Dello Mano brownies?

Here are some creative and delicious tweaks you can try.

Make a Dello Mano Brownie parfait.

Parfait is a timeless frozen dessert (or snack) that looks so elegant, beautiful and delicious, but is isn’t hard to make, actually. You don’t have to go all the way to making your own whipped cream frosting. A good quality whipped cream, yoghurt or ice cream of your choice, and frozen fruits if you want (preferably berries) are all you need to make your own parfait. So unwrap two or three Dello Mano brownies, and slice them into cubes. Get some beautiful glass jars, and for each serving, put some brownies, frozen berries, and yoghurt or ice cream. Press lightly, and proceed to making the second layer. Top with more whipped cream and if you like, plus a generous amount of brownie crumbs. Delicious. Sweet. Heavenly. What more can you ask for?

Frost it!

While you really don’t have to, as Dello Mano brownies are deliciously rich as they are, in case you want extra sweetness and a more fun brownie experience, frosting them is something you want to try. Frosting brownies is one of the easiest ways to turn them into a lovely dessert. What frosting should you choose? You have all the freedom to decide. Mix and match frosting to create your own masterpiece but if you’d like our recommendation we suggest a really lovely vanilla butter cream! The combination of butter and vanilla just complement our brownies perfectly.

Top it.

When it comes to brownie toppings, the choices are virtually endless. They can be anything from thick coating of fudge chocolate, to pudding, crunchy nut mixture, mousse, or even meringue. It’s all about squeezing your creative juices. Think about what you could use to turn your brownie into a wonderful and truly heavenly dessert.

Make it a base for your frozen dessert.

Why use graham or cookie dough when you can make your frozen pie dessert more chocolaty and irresistible by using brownies as your base? Yes, brownies make a fabulous base for any frozen dessert, and choosing Dello Mano brownies make it more special and delightful. Again, your choice of filling is endless. You can use whipped cream, custard, pudding, or ice cream. Yum!

Make a brownie sandwich.

You really don’t need to make whoopie pies from scratch for a perfect chocolate sandwich. Simply put a generous amount of ice cream on your Dello Mano brownie then top it with another one. And there you have it – luxury brownie ice cream sandwich! Good to indulge in. Perfect to share!

We all agree that brownies are awesomely addictive, right? But they can be even more fun when you do these simple tweaks! But then again, if you ask us, Dello Mano brownies are lovely and delicious just as they are. What’s more, each Dello Mano gift box is handmade, so you can be sure you are getting the finest quality of brownies each and every time.

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