Will You Go ‘Nuts’ With Brownies?

To ‘nut’ or not to ‘nut’? That is the question. Much like the debate on adding raisins in oatmeal cookies, there is also a growing argument on whether or not to add nuts to brownies.

024 - HazelnutsNuts are a staple to every baker’s kitchen. There are different kinds of nuts that go well with many cake, cookie and pastry recipes. And some of the most popular include macadamia, walnuts, almonds and pecans. The crunch, aroma and added flavour they bring can really add a wonderful and delicious twist to any baked good.

But when it comes to brownies, not everyone would agree that adding nuts is the way to go.

While the original brownie recipe doesn’t contain nuts, the popularity of this delectable chocolate treat encouraged many people to come up with their own versions. Now, the choice is endless. You will find brownies with cream cheese, brownies with spiced orange and raisins, brownies with peppermint or coconut, and of course – brownies with nuts.

The Case for Using Nuts in Brownies

There’s really nothing wrong with adding nuts to brownie recipes. Nuts not only add flavour (which goes perfectly well with chocolate), but they also add crunch, which makes the whole brownie experience more fantastic!

Nonetheless, nuts could have an effect on the texture of your brownie. Like most people, you probably love fudgier brownies that almost melt in your mouth. Adding chopped nuts into the batter can result in a drier brownie (or similar). There are a few tweaks though, that you can do to come up with perfect fudge brownies without having to leave out the nuts.

5 Tips When Using Nuts in Brownies

Use ground nuts. If you’ve ever baked brownies, you know that adding more flour in your recipe results in dry, bread-like brownie bars. By substituting ground nuts for some of the flour, you can boost the flavour of your brownies while keeping it moist.

But if you’re the type of person who loves some chunky crunch texture in their brownie, then feel free to add nuts. It is basically a matter of personal preference.

Consider cooking the nuts in with the batter. If you mix the nuts into the batter before baking, they steam and become soft.

Add the nuts last. If you are after the crunch and texture, consider sprinkling toasted nuts just before baking. Toasted nuts have much, much better flavour than raw nuts.

Experiment with different nuts. But since great brownies are soft, chewy and fudgey as far as we are concerned, some people choose nuts that complement this lovely chocolate dessert. That’s why walnuts are popular for brownies, because they are naturally softer than other types of nut. But you can always go with hazelnuts, almonds, macadamia, pecans, and many others. Just like chocolates, nuts are good in any form.

Try peanut butter. You can even use peanut butter! Instead of using fresh or toasted nuts, the creaminess, sweetness and dense flavour of peanut butter goes perfectly well with fudgy brownies. If you want to taste the best peanut butter brownie, Dello Mano is the place to go. We make the best brownies in Australia, and our delectable treats are enjoyed by everyone, young and old.

peanut butter brownie nude heroApart from our popular peanut butter brownies, we also offer nut assortment luxury brownies, featuring a variety of wonderful flavours like pistachio and rosewater, and espresso walnut. You can also try out Dello Mano’s honey caramelised macadamia luxury brownie. We use hand roasted nuts drizzled in Australian Beekeepers’ honey and stuffed in our luxury brownie recipe. These beautifully presented brownies make a perfectly unique chocolate gift.

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