What Makes Dark Chocolate Irresistibly Good?

If it isn’t dark, it isn’t chocolate! You may beg to disagree. But for dark chocolate fanatics, this is basically the rule of thumb.

Chocolates come in different types, and among the most popular are the sweet, semi-sweet, milk and dark chocolates. They differ mostly in the content of cocoa. Dark chocolates have the bitter sweet flavour, but some brands have really intense chocolate taste (70% to 99% cocoa percentage). These chocolates are mostly used for baking since sugar and other sweeteners and flavours are added to the recipe.


Dark Chocolates for Baking

When it comes to desserts, cakes and pastries, we want something sweet. But why is that when it comes to chocolate, most of us want it dark?

One of the reasons why many people prefer dark chocolate over the other types is its intense and rich flavour. While dark chocolates often leaves a bitter taste in our mouth, it also leaves that wonderful, intense and rich chocolate goodness. Dark chocolate chips, for instance, go perfectly well with confections that have very sweet base, like cookies. And since it has high cocoa content, dark chocolate has that lovely and really addictive aroma that you can’t easily resist.

Dark chocolate is also best for making delicious brownies, because it brings out a very rich and sophisticated chocolate flavour. Dello Mano brownies are handcrafted using the finest dark Belgian chocolate, which is one of the key factors for their addictive, aromatic and really intense chocolate flavour.


Dark Chocolate & Health

Another reason why most people like dark chocolate is because many studies link it with some health benefits. Studies show that the darker the chocolate, the better. It is believed that dark chocolate may help lower the risk of heart attack and stroke by keeping one’s blood pressure in check. Other studies suggest that dark chocolates tend to have higher amount of antioxidants (which come from cocoa beans), compared with its sweeter counterparts.

Dark chocolate seems especially appealing to people trying to lose weight, as research suggests it is more filling, and promotes satiety. But experts warn about portion control. While chocolates, especially the dark ones, can be good for us, they are only beneficial at the right dose. Breaking down 3.5 to 7 ounces of high quality dark chocolate in several servings and consuming them throughout the day appears to be the healthier route to go. We make no recommendation here at all – it varies so much on peoples overall diet and exercise plan.

Another interesting fact – dark chocolate seems to have a “feel-good” effect. Some researchers believe that this effect is due to serotonin (a brain chemical that makes us feel relaxed) which is released when we eat dark chocolate.

Dark chocolate may not be as appealing to children as it is to adults. And the reason is obvious. But then, most people who grew up eating light coloured chocolates end up sticking to dark chocolates as they become older. And for the certified dark chocoholics – if it isn’t dark, it isn’t chocolate!

What’s your favourite way of eating dark chocolates? We’d love to hear from you. Feel free to post a comment below.

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