Let’s Talk About Food…Good Food

Dello Mano Cake
Dello Mano Premium Hand Made Cakes

We all love to eat, that’s a fact. These days, we don’t just eat to survive—we enjoy the food, many of us have developed discriminating taste buds for distinct flavors and we seem to be more aware about the issues surrounding food. The terms real food, good food, natural, organic and so many more get thrown around too much that it can get pretty confusing.

At Dello Mano, we take pride in serving you good food. And when we say GOOD.. this is what we mean:

1. Good food presents the comfort of home.

Nothing can replace BBQs and tea time with family and friends but recent statistical data shows that Australians have grown to be big spenders eating out. It seems that the changing lifestyles of individuals and family brings about a demand for convenience so home-cooking isn’t a top priority for everyone.

But we daresay that eating out does not have to mean eating ourselves sick with processed food all the time. We believe that eating out can still present conviviality and that homemade goodness…which is why we take our time making handmade food at Dello Mano. We simply believe that food made with love will always be better—in quality, in taste and in the overall experience.


Dello Mano Cakes

Delicious Dello Mano Cakes

2. Good food is real and fresh food…not processed food.

As a food scientist, we’re passionate about using only the freshest ingredients and maintaining the handmade quality from flavor development until the food is served.

From the beginning we set out to juxtaposition the beauty of handmade  Brownies in an elegant box. It was somewhat of a juxtaposition but it was the way that we felt about food. Good, handmade food is what it is all about. And you can really taste the difference. An Aritisinal brownie is definitely set apart from the rest!

We have exceptional products because our ingredients are also the finest around. Free range eggs are delivered from farm to kitchen and always have been since we began our Brownie business 10 years ago. We develop our own flavors and make food in small batches so that it stays fresh so you can trust that they’re handmade and real.

Dello Mano handcraft using real ingredients
Dello Mano Handmade Specialness

3. Good food is community.

Dello Mano is a supporter of our former  neighbours at the Farmers Markets and local companies like Di Bella Coffee, egg farmers, local honey producers and wine makers–who all share our passion for quality, freshness and community. Good food to us has community at every turn. From our producers to our courier drivers, it’s the commitment to quality from our community that helps us deliver an exceptional product.


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Team Spirit at Dello Mano


What is “good food” to you? We’d love to know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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