How To: the perfect handmade Christmas gift

With Christmas just around the corner, gift ideas are on everyone’s mind. This year, why not make Christmas even more special for friends and family with handmade gifts from the heart?  Of course chocolate is one of the best gifts that you can give, so here’s an easy and delicious gift idea that combines chocolate with some classic Christmas flavours. These delicious Rocky Road Tartlets tick all the right boxes for the perfect Christmas treat: chocolate, fruit, and nuts.

Arrange your chocolates in a lovely gift box filled with tissue paper or even baking paper and always finish the gift with a bow. Perfect to take along as a plate of colourful treats to any celebration as a dessert or hostess gift.

This chocolate recipe is easy and quick and has a great wow factor due to its gorgeous festive colours.

Rocky Road Tartlets

rocky road tarlet set.jpg

300g dark chocolate, melted

50g roasted shelled pistachios coarsely chopped (not salted)

45g mini marshmallows

60g glace cherries coarsely chopped

600g dried cranberries

  • Fill the holes of a silicone 12-hole mini muffin pan with half of the nuts, marshmallows, cherries, and cranberries.
  • Fill holes with melted chocolate, ensuring that the base is covered.
  • Top with remaining marshmallows, nuts, cherries, and cranberries.
  • Refrigerate tartlets for 2 hours or until set


Rocky Road Tartlet cut version

A handmade gift is always so special. Leave a little time for preparation and gift wrapping so that you present your work at it’s best.

If you want more ideas then check out some of our other gift ideas. If you need a handmade chocolate Christmas gift and cant find the time, then take a look at our range of handmade products

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