Overnight to Singapore: A Global Dello Mano Brownie Adventure

We’re proud to be able to say that Dello Mano brownies have been enjoyed literally all over the world. In fact, some of our most passionate devotees live thousands of kilometers away from our Brisbane home. We’d like to share a story about one of these cherished members of the Dello Mano family, who we’ll call May: the biggest Dello Mano fan in all of Singapore.


Dello Mano- Luxury Brownie- Classic- Unwrapped-9 Piece-GiftBox-Open Box
Dello Mano Luxury Brownies


Like many of our fans, May first experienced Dello Mano as a gift. Our brownies keep well and make it through the strictest of customs regulations, so they’re a popular food gift choice for travellers and tourists looking to bring a taste of Brisbane to their loved ones overseas. One of May’s friends, returning home for a visit, hand-carried a box of Dello Mano brownies from our shop all the way to May’s home. May had seen plenty of fancy brownies in her lifetime — her hyper-modern city is at the avant-garde of dessert trends — but as soon as she unwrapped the bright coloured foil from her first Dello Mano brownie she knew ours were something special. The sumptuously dense texture, the intense chocolate aroma, the pure, natural flavour: these were like no brownies she had tasted before. From that first bite, May was hooked.


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Dello Mano Luxury Honey Caramelised Macadamia Brownies


Soon after she received her first box of Dello Mano brownies, May gave us a ring — the first of many. She had to know just what made our brownies so unique. Was there some complicated French technique involved? Did we sneak in a secret ingredient? We explained the simple, high-quality ingredients that go into every Dello Mano brownie: free-range eggs direct from the farm, pure, natural butter, and the best Belgian dark chocolate we can get our hands on. From her enthusiastic response, we knew that May was a kindred spirit. She shares our passion for real food made with love, especially when that food happens to be brownies.

Dello Mano Handmade Brownies
Dello Mano Brownies are hand made using the finest of ingredients


Being a generous soul, May wasn’t content to keep us all to herself. She wanted to share the Dello Mano magic with her friends. The brownies were perfect fodder for her famous afternoon teas, sumptuous affairs involving the finest delicacies she could gather from around the world. In preparation for one such tea, she ordered a party-sized order of brownies to be sent to Singapore via express airmail. It just so happened that her afternoon tea was scheduled for three the following day — exactly twenty-four hours after her call.


Some bakeries might insist on a longer reaction time, but at Dello Mano we pull out all the stops to satisfy our fans’ cravings. As soon as we got off the phone, we flew into action, baking and packing May’s order at breakneck speed. We hand-delivered them to the Brisbane airport that evening, just in time to get them cleared for the final flight to Singapore. The following morning, after a fitful night, we got the good news. The brownies had arrived right on time: intact, beautiful and delicious as always.

May’s tea guests raved about the Dello Mano brownies. Perhaps the story May told about their dramatic journey from Brisbane heightened the intensity of the deep chocolate flavour. Naturally, she had to serve them again at her next afternoon tea. It worked out well the first time, so it made sense to order them exactly twenty-four hours before the guests would arrive once again.


Brownie Afternoon Tea Suggestions


When we received May’s second order, we were ready. The whole family worked together to get another tea party’s worth of brownies safely nestled in airplane-ready packaging. We handed off the box at the Brisbane airport and sent it off on the last flight to Singapore — another satisfying success. We marveled at the thought of our brownies being served at an afternoon tea in such a distant land mere hours in the future.


Dello Mano Brownie Gift Boxes
Dello Mano Luxury Gift Boxes make a wonderful handmade in Brisbane food gift for travelers

In the morning, though, we received a concerned call. It was a few minutes past the scheduled delivery, and the box still hadn’t reached May’s home. Her friends were all looking forward to enjoying their second taste of Dello Mano that afternoon — what would they do if the brownies never arrived? Before we could think of a way to console her, we heard a promising noise in the background. It was the delivery truck carrying the brownies, ten minutes late but on time for the tea!


brownie classic cubes
Dello Mano the Brownie Pioneers Gift Box


Since May encountered Dello Mano years ago, our brownies have made appearances at many of her teas. She always orders them the day before the party, but they always miraculously arrive right on time. Thanks in no small part to her efforts, our popularity in Singapore continues to grow. We hope to make more fans elsewhere in Asia and the world. If you’d like to be a Dello Mano evangelist in your own community, feel free to order a box of brownies to be sent to your address. No matter where you happen to be, we’ll make sure you get your Dello Mano fix!


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