Christmas Pudding History & Family Memories


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Dello Mano Traditional Plum Pudding


Ever wondered about the history of some of our beloved festive foods? Christmas Pudding is such a part of our festive season yet with years of history behind it, not many of us know where or how these delightful little treats have originated.

An English tradition, Christmas Pudding began as plum porridge. Its’ origin dates back to the 14th century where it was originally known as “frumentary”. In the early years, people ate the porridge on Christmas Eve to fill them up as they had fasted all day. It seems people have forever and time looked for ways to improve food and it wasn’t long before the porridge recipe was taking on honey, spices and dried fruits.

Sometime during the 16th-century oatmeal was removed from the recipe and butter, flour and even eggs were combined to tighten up the recipe and to create the beginning of the modern-day Christmas pudding.  Mid 16th century the Puritans banned the pudding however according to sources in 1714 King Goerge 1 re-established the pudding tradition having tried it himself and enjoyed it. By Victorian times the Pudding is said to have morphed into the style and type we enjoy today.

Many traditions came into play with the Christmas pudding. Some say the pudding should be stirred by every member of the household while other traditions have included putting a silver coin in the pudding with the recipient served the coin said to be lucky.  I know in my own household growing up, every Christmas Pudding slice served had several silver coins! No one ever missed out on coins and we usually accumulated what we considered as small children to be a small fortune, collecting the coins not only from our plate but also from all the adults at the table. Funnily enough, Mum despite being the one to put them there was always worried we’d swallow the coins, so our pudding slices always came out with the coins protruding from the slices so that we wouldn’t accidentally miss them.  There was not a lot of guesswork in wondering if you were the one to have the silver coin!


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Dello Mano Pudding presented in traditional fabric and luxurious gold embossed ribbon


Traditionally Christmas Pudding has been made in advance quite often wrapped in Calico and tied closed with a string.  As a child, I can recall from November in our household every doorknob was graced with a hanging Christmas Pudding just waiting for Christmas Day.

The traditional method for heating Pudding takes quite a while so I recall a very hot Australian Christmas kitchen with the pudding boiling away for several hours.  Well worth the wait, our family always celebrated with lashings of custard and ice cream. Some of us kids ate the pudding for pudding, however, I remember my sister only ever ate the bare amount of  Christmas Pudding for the silver coins!

Not up to making a Christmas Pudding? Dello Mano now offers a traditional Christmas Pudding which can be shipped to Australia wide and delivered everywhere.  Our DelloMano Christmas pudding is handmade in the traditional way with sultanas, currants, raisins all marinated in Brandy. We grate fresh Granny Smith Apples and add a zest of orange.  Christmas Spices are added to create a delicious Christmas treat. Buy online or in store – place your order to avoid disappointment.  The pudding can be warmed in the thoroughly rinsed cloth ( always rinse the calico several times before using) or simply microwave the pudding for a hassle-free Christmas Dinner dessert. Of course, one heated, brandy custard, ice cream what ever you prefer makes this dessert sensational.

As the Australian Brownie leaders, we also recommend a more contemporary alternative the Christmas Pudding – the Dello Mano Christmas Brownie Sampler mix of Luxury Brownies glammed up for Christmas – the pack includes 4 of the Original Classic Brownies, 4 Christmas Pudding Brownies, 4 Spiced Rum and 4 Brandy Plum brownies. Each of them so easily enjoyed as is or simply microwave for 10 seconds and enjoy with custard, cream and ice cream!


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Dello Mano Christmas Luxury Brownie Sampler Gift Box


We have Christmas covered at Dello Mano – to Brownie or not to Brownie is your only question. Look forward to seeing you in store before Christmas. Enjoy your Christmas Pudding or Brownie 🙂

+ Christmas Pudding Delivered Australia Wide

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The Dello Mano Christmas Brownie Sampler Gift Box

At Dello Mano we also have our own tradition of baking our delicious Christmas Brownies. We’ve been offering the Christmas Brownies now for around 8 or so years. We began baking the Christmas Brownies as an easier option than the traditional Christmas Pudding. This year with both on offer, we’ll be celebrating with both!

Buy Brownies online at or visit one of our Brisbane Stores. We deliver our Luxury Brownies and Christmas Puddings Australia wide. 



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