Brownies aside for a moment…..

Up until now I’ve been on a mission to make sure I  never ever know how to make a coffee! The reason being, if I learnt how to do it well then I’d need to make it myself. As a mother working and developing a small business it seemed one little luxury that I could hold onto – a cup of coffee and one of our Brownies. However with the forthcoming move to the new Dello Mano home at 29 Doggett St. Teneriffe,  the whole team was going off to Di Bella for extended training. Their excitement was  just too compelling and I found myself at the training session making my first ever coffee:

deb's first cup of coffee for teneriffe store
the first cup of coffee I made!

I know all of the experts out there can probably tell it wasn’t the best cup of coffee and you are so right!  They have all put me to one side now. Of way more talent was our lovely kitchen team – they all did brilliantly.  Don’t they look proud of themselves:

Dello Mano coffee training at Di Bella
Dello Mano team and John from Di Bella

and of course the leader of the coffee “pack”:

coffee training at Di Bella
the coffee leader looking rather proud of his accomplishment!

Needless to say everyone is still making me coffee!

I hope we see you at the new 29  Doggett St. Teneriffe store soon!

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