Paris Est Amour: Our 3 Favorite Pastry Shops

Here at Dello Mano, we’re such advocates of handmade luxury food and products. While Dello Mano style is about refined rustic cakes and produce, Paris contines to provide us with inspiration in our commitment to handmade edible luxury. Paris is everything we dreamed about and more! The Parisian flair for creative artistry and distinct taste for opulence are such great influences, that we decided to share with you our love for the city of lights in a series we’ll be calling Paris est amour. Let’s get started with our favorite pastry shops:


Laduree Entrace
Entrance to Laduree in Paris

Brief background:

In 1862, Louis Ernest Ladurée, a miller founded a bakery. After a fire, the bakery was transformed into a pastry shop in 1871, with popular painter Jules Cherét in-charge of the interiors.  With a combination of Parisian-style cafés and French patisserie goodness, the company opened a tea room for women and became one of the pioneers in the area. Ladurée brand further rose to fame when Pierre Desfontaines (grandson of Louis Ernest Ladurée) thought of taking two macaron shells and joining them with ganache filling. The recipe for the ‘double-decker’ has not changed since then. Ladurée has been recognized as a French luxury sweets maker and the brand has also branched out to chocolates (Marquis Ladurée) and candles and home fragrances (Beauté Ladurée).

Fun Fact: The sweet treats Kirsten Dunst was eating in the film Marie Antoinette were from Ladurée, as chosen by director Sofia Coppola.

What we loved: The elegant interiors showed true Parisian flair. Together with the dainty packaging and fine china, it was a very luxurious experience. Of course, the  delectable sweets are amazing. The Strawberry cake in the picture below has to be one of the most precious edibles we have ever seen. We loved too the secrecy. With much fuss about no photography it has to be one of the most photographed food shops in the world.

Must-try products: strawberry tarts, pistachio pain au chocolat, St. Honoré, world-famous macarons (flavors like Fleur d’oranger, licorice, cassis and chocolate yuzu)

Locations: Ladurée Houses can be found in several countries across the globe and is increasing as I type this note. For a complete list of locations click here.

Laduree Interior
Laduree – the glamorous interior
Laduree strawberry
Laduree – most exciting cake.
laduree raspberries
Laduree Raspberry cake enjoyed by team Dello Mano



Stohrer exterior
Stohrer exterior

Brief background:

Marie Leszczynska became the wife of Louis XV in 1725 and she took with her, pastry chef Nicolas Stohrer. After 5 years of serving royalty in Versailles, Stohrer opened a pastry shop on Rue Montorgueil in Paris. The frescoes, created by Paul Baudry (artist of the Paris Opera) in 1860 can still be found in the shop to this day. Stohrer is considered to be the oldest patisserie in Paris and the bakers have been following classic Nicolas Stohrer recipes from his diary for almost 3 centuries.

Fun Fact: During her 2004 state visit to France, Queen Elizabeth II stopped at Stohrer for Puits d’amour.

What we loved: Walking into Stohrer is like being are taken back in time. Aside from the prestine frescoes, we became big fans of the Babà au rhum (a light cake soaked in rum syrup) and Puits d’amour (small round cakes filled with caramelized cream and decorated with  sugar). Truly Paris’ classics!

Must-try products: Babà au rhum, Puits d’amour, chocolate éclairs, tartes aux framboises (raspberry pie) and tarte aux pommes (apple pie)

Location/s:  51 Rue Montorgueil

Stohrer Cakes
Stohrer famous cakes
Stohrer cakes
Stohrer Cake range


Brief background: Gérard Mulot is a family business that started in 1975. At first, they only offered pastries but in the 1980’s, chocolates became a part of the shop.  These days, Gérard Mulot is dedicated to bringing creative artisan treats, tea and lunch menus in their several branches.

What we loved: Gérard Mulot offers the best of sweet and savory. More than sweet desserts and pastries, the delicious dishes are also to die for. This patisserie’s offerings aren’t just gastronomic delights, they also offer a feast for the senses.

Must-try products: Mûre-Mûre (dark chocolate ganache infused with blackberry tea), Melissa (a milk chocolate ganache with aniseed), petit-fours, chocolates, baguettes, ice cream


Magasin Saint Germain76, rue de Seine
75006 Paris
01 43 26 85 77

Magasin Glacière93, rue de la Glacière
75013 Paris
01 45 81 39 09

Salon de thé L’Amaryllis12, rue des 4 Vents
75006 Paris
01 43 26 91 03

Do you have a favorite patisserie in Paris? We’d love to know your thoughts!


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