The Ultimate Brownie Cheat Sheet

Luxury Belgian Chocolate Brownies by Dello Mano
Dello Mano Luxury Brownies

Use this ultimate brownie cheat sheet we’ve developed over our nine years of baking brownies to help  you make the best brownies possible every time.

If you’re after satisfaction (not just fulfilling your brownie craving), homemade brownies are the gold standard. Nothing taste better than a batch of freshly made brownies made from scratch, using quality ingredients, and cut into perfection (plus the extra crumbs that are to die for!) Like these:

brownies with mousse

But when it comes to brownies, we don’t mess around. It isn’t enough that you’ve got the perfect recipe. The process is much more important. You could be doing a few little mistakes that are actually sabotaging the ‘could-have-been’ perfect brownies.

If you’ve tried many times and still trying to make the best brownies at home, you’ve come to the right place. Being the leading provider of premium luxury brownies in Australia, Dello Mano has a few secrets to share with you. After reading this post, you are sure to make your own perfect brownies at home!

We call this the ‘ultimate cheat sheet’ on brownies. Ready? Let’s get started.

Know what you want in a brownie.

You can’t just start baking right away. Remember that brownies come in different variations and to achieve the specific type and texture of brownie that you desire, there are going to be some tweaks in the recipe. So decide now. Do you want your brownies to be thick and fudgy? Do you want it cakelike? Or do you want it chewy? What about blondies? Fudgy brownies require less flour and no leavening like baking powder. On the other hand, cakelike brownies have more flour and leavening agent to produce a lighter and softer texture. Meanwhile, chewy brownies call for more eggs, a combination of chocolates, plus some cocoa powder.

Choose quality chocolate.

You want to invest in premium chocolate because your brownie is going to depend much on it. Opt for high-quality semisweet or bittersweet chocolate and cocoa.

Dark Chocoalte
Dark Chocolate

Read it. Over and over again.

So you just found the perfect recipe and printed it already? Good. But don’t apply the steps as you read each one. Go over the recipe first before starting to prep the ingredients. Read it. Study the recipe carefully to be sure that you understand every step and that you don’t leave behind any ingredient listed.

Stick to the best.

If you want to produce the best brownies, you have to use the best ingredients available. Again, do not settle for less. It really makes a huge difference, promise.

Dello Mano Luxury Brownies
Brownies by Dello Mano

Avoid the cold.

Make sure that your butter, eggs and other liquid ingredients are not cold when using them. The whites and yolks of eggs combine more easily during whisking when they are at room temperature. This means that they are going to disperse easily into the batter. As a result, you will have beautifully baked brownies that have a lighter texture.

Choose a shiny pan.

Light-coloured shiny pans are best for making brownies. Dark-coloured and glass pans can cause the edges of your brownie to brown faster.

Line it right.

Brownie Baking Tray
Take care to line the brownie baking tray carefully

A shiny pan is just the beginning. What is more important is that you line it properly. Use well-greased baking parchment and make sure to leave an overhang on the sides so you can easily pull out the brownie from the pan once baked. When properly greased, the parchment will peel off easily from the brownie. You’re ready to cut!

Timing is everything.

Just because the recipe says bake the brownie for 45 minutes doesn’t mean you have to wait for the exact amount of time before checking your tray of brownie goodness. Take note that ovens vary. Be sure to check your brownie several minutes before the end of the stated baking time. If a toothpick inserted in the middle comes out clean, you know your brownie is good to go.

Accuracy matters.

Baking is not just an art. It is a science too. So always check for accuracy. Use a kitchen scale to measure the ingredients. Measuring cups don’t always yield the same result, especially if you use them for measuring dry ingredients like flour. Don’t have one? Then it’s time to visit a local baking supply store in your area. Your brownie will thank you. Another thing, do use an oven thermometer. Most ovens are off when it comes to temperature. Even if your oven is just 25 degrees hotter or colder than the required temperature, it still makes a huge a difference!

Don’t lose sight of the flour.

Remember that you are making brownies, not bread. If you over mix the flour in the batter, it forms gluten, which results to a hard bread-like brownie. The rule of thumb is to fold the flour until there are white streaks left on the surface of the batter.

Cut when your brownie has cooled.

Yes, this part is really hard. Sometimes, it is just too hard to resist waiting for an hour or two to cut the brownie into little squares. But this is the best thing to do. If you cut it while still warm, you may not produce perfect squares with neat edges and less crumbs. That’s because the brownie is still too soft and vulnerable at this stage. Once your brownie has cooled, put it in the fridge for a few hours. Yes, sorry. But you will be happy to see perfect squares with smooth edges, like the ones from Dello Mano.

Food and Interiors Photography for Dellomano Luxury Brownies
Food and Interiors Photography for Dellomano Luxury Brownies

Making brownies is a passion for us – we have been obsessed with brownie perfection and brownie gits and gift boxes since we pioneered the lost brownie back in 2006. We hope this cheat sheet is going to ensure that you produce perfect, chocolate-dense brownies and brownie bars each time. And no matter what kind of brownie you like, be confident that if you follow brownie rules you’ll always have exactly what you want.

And of course, if you run out of time you can always call us here at Dello Mano to send a brownie gift – we ship brownies Australia wide and internationally.

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