Dello Mano in Blog Post by Global Travel Agency


Recently Dello Mano was featured and highlighted in a blog post called “Enjoy the Very Best of Brisbane for 72 Hours”. This blog post was written by a leading global travel agency called Flight Network. Flight Network often writes these blog posts to recommend the best places to go in cities where they send their customers. And they said that Dello Mano is a place you cannot miss!

The past 12 years our goal has been to deliver some spectacular sweets to locals and visitors in Brisbane. It is great that Flight Network loved our brownies, and that they now are sending their customers our way.

This is what they had to say about Dello Mano:

“Time to enjoy some more sweets and possibly also find something cool to bring back home. And we have to warn you, you might just fill up the entire suitcase with this. You’re going to Dello Mano which is Australia’s leading brownie artisans. They’ve been at it for 12 years and been responsible for igniting the Australian Brownie Revolution. With two stores in Brisbane, find the closest to you. You will find a beautiful store, an amazing food experience and hospitality that is world class. Their brownie boxes will undoubtably make your packing a bit harder when you’re leaving Brisbane.”

Thank you Flight Network for the write up, we will look forward to welcoming your many customers to Dello Mano!

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