Perfect brownie slices every time

Ever wondered how to cut perfect brownie slices every time?

We all want beautiful straight, clean brownie slice edges. The clean, straight edges are important for presentation. Weather we’re making a brownie gift or just plating up brownies for afternoon tea we want them look amazing.

Cutting the perfect brownie slice is dependent on three factors. The first influencing factor is choosing the appropriate brownie recipe. Second consideration is to make sure that your brownies are fully cooked. The third influencing factor is your choice of knife and the method to cut as this too will influence your ability to cut the perfect brownie slice.

Perfect cut brownie slices on a cooling rack
Perfect Brownie Slices

How Long Should Brownies Be Cooled Before Cutting?

It is important to always cool your brownies. If you don’t cool your brownies you will struggle to get the perfect brownie slice.

With the heady chocolate aroma of freshly baked brownies it’s tempting to immediately start cutting. As enticing as it may be, resist, as cutting a hot brownie will never result in perfect brownie slices.

Remove your brownie from the oven. Place the brownie on a good quality cooling rack. The rack will allow air flow around and under the pan. The air flow will allow the brownie to evenly cool in about 60 minutes.

A brownie cooling on a wire rack waiting to be cut to perfect brownie slices.
Cool your brownie thoroughly on a rack in order to cut the perfect brownie slice.

How to cut the perfect brownie slice every time

Many online articles suggest ways to achieving the perfect brownie edges. Everything from cookie cutters, to pizza slices, plastic knives etc. At Dello Mano we’re not really fans of any of these methods. Our preferred method of cutting brownies is a warm chefs knife.

You may need to play around with different cutting methods depending on your brownie texture. Having said that our Dello Mano brownie is a fudgy style and for us the warm knife method is the best way to cut the perfect brownie slice.

The Warm Knife Method is best to cut the perfect brownie slice

This method of brownie cutting involves warming up your knife. The choice of knife to cut your brownie is personal. We’re often asked “what is the best knife to cut a brownie?” At Dello Mano we believe the best knife to cut brownies is a cooks knife.

Online there are lots of suggestions about which knife to use to cut brownies. It’s often suggested to cut brownies with a serrated knife. Cutting brownies with a serrated knife will in our experience result in a messy cut. The messiness exacerbated if your brownie has a light crusty top.

Our knife preference at Dello Mano is for a large long Chefs knife. As with brownie baking it really is trial and error as to which knife to choose.

A hand holding a chefs knife and cutting a brownie
A large Chef’s knife will assist to cut the perfect brownie slices

Making sure you knife length is long enough is important. A good length chef knife will result in equal pressure applied across the brownie block. This way you improve your chance of getting the perfect brownie slice.

Now you have chosen your knife, boil a kettle and fill a tall mug or vessel with the hot water. Insert the knife and let it rest to warm up. It doesn’t take long for the heat of the water to warm up the knife. The important part now is to make sure you thoroughly dry the knife with a clean towel.

Take care and do not leave any water on the knife as it will make your brownie soggy or spoil the cut edges of your brownie.

Cut the brownie centering the warm knife evenly across the brownie and ensure above and below the brownie has an equal amount of knife. Apply even pressure to the knife as you push it down into the brownie. Equal pressure should evenly break through the crispy top and leave you with clean, perfect brownie edges.

Baking the best brownie requires effort to experiment and improve. With all the baking work you want to be able to present a beautiful brownie. Ensuring your brownie cools thoroughly and using a warm long Chefs knife will set you on your way to cut perfect brownie slices every time.

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