Differences between Brownie and Chocolate Cake

Rich in chocolaty taste, same in color and aromatics but what are the differences between a brownie and chocolate cake. Undoubtedly they’re both great snacks. What really is the difference between the two however and what sets them apart from each other? Let’s all find out.

What are the difference between a brownie and a chocolate cake?

Texture differences

A brownie and a chocolate cake have different textures. A brownie is usually denser while a chocolate cake is fluffy and light. That all said, brownies also can be cakey brownies or fudgy brownies. A cakey brownie tends to have a little more flour and sometimes even a leavening agent. A cakey brownie is a hybrid of chocolate cake and brownie. A fudgy brownie has a dense texture.

Taste differences

Although brownies and chocolate cake have very similar ingredients they do taste different.

Texture impacts the taste of a brownie and a cake. Since there are significant differences between a brownie and chocolate cake texture, the taste is different.

Appearance differences

Another big difference between a brownie and a chocolate cake is the appearance. Textural differences aside, the appearance of a brownie is usually low and flat. A chocolate cake’s appearance is generally high. As we discussed earlier, a cake appears with an open crumb. Some brownies and in particular fudgy brownies do not have a crumb but rather an appearance of fudge.

Before cutting, a brownie is usually a rectangle shape. A chocolate cake may be round, square, or indeed any shape. That said, Dello Mano handcrafts heart brownies which make a great gift for a loved one. During festive seasons we also offer Brownie Easter Eggs.


Layering is an option for both the brownie and chocolate cake. Dello Mano offers a layered Brownie cake. Known as the Dello Mano Jewel Box Brownie Cake. It comprises layers of Dello Mano Classic Brownie filled with Belgian Chocolate fresh Ganache. Handmade gold-dusted chocolate decorations finish the cake.

A Dello Mano Chocolate Milkshake Cake slice showing it layered and filled with buttercream
Dello Mano Chocolate Milkshake Cake

An example of a layered chocolate cake is the Dello Mano Chocolate Milkshake Cake. Two layers of chocolate mud cake filled with fresh buttercream frosting. Finished with handmade meringues and drizzles of Belgian chocolate ganache.


Ideas and creativity overflow when one tries to bake and design a chocolate cake. The more sophisticated it is, the more it is pleasing to the eyes. Many bakers go to town and produce highly decorated chocolate cakes.

Some may however still prefer the simplest way.

Traditionally brownie decoration was simple. Decoration consisted of chocolate frosting or crushed nuts. Today we find brownies topped with everything from strawberries to chunks of caramel.

Paired with Ice Cream

One shared fact between brownies and chocolate cake is their ability to pair with ice cream. A delicious combination. When serving ice cream, the ability to heat a brownie is an advantage over chocolate cake. At Dello Mano, we recommend removing the foil from our individually wrapped brownie. Place the brownie in the microwave and heat for approximately15 seconds. The result is a deliciously gooey brownie. Topped with ice cream the gooey chocolate brownie is a dream dessert!

What ingredients make the brownie and chocolate cake different?

These two baked goodies may be the same for some however there’s a fine differentiating line. The ingredients act in different ways resulting in differences. That is a difference despite having almost identical ingredients. Here we take a look at the main factors that contribute to the difference between a brownie and a chocolate cake.

Flour content

What makes a chocolate cake fluffy? It’s a large amount of flour. Flour plays a significant role in the structure of a baked good. What makes a brownie dense?  It’s the lesser amount of flour in the recipe. In the latter, the flour is usually replaced with chocolate and other ingredients.

In part, the difference between a cakey and a fudgy brownie is the flour. So too, flour impacts the difference between a brownie and a cake.

The ratio of ingredients

The textures of brownies and cakes are different. The textural difference is a result of the ratio of ingredients. In both the brownie and a cake the ratios of critical ingredients are markedly different. 

The use of leavening agents

Common leavening agents are baking soda and baking powder. Both of these leavening agents create gas bubbles in the process of baking. The production and entrapment of the gas bubbles are what make a cake rise and stay high. This ultimately impacts the texture of the cake. A cake that has successfully trapped lots of gas bubbles will be light and fluffy. Brownie or cake recipes that don’t have a leavening agent will tend to be denser.

All these sums up how the two are very interesting and lovely desserts. No matter how little their differences are; the brownie being dense, fudgy, chocolatier, small in size, okay mixed with peanuts, and the chocolate is fluffy, light, tall, and moist, both still smell the same and are equally delicious. At the end of the day, the two remain the crowd’s favorite chocolaty snack and dessert. Brownie or chocolate cake, these two are simply irresistible baked goodies.

About Dello Mano

Dello Mano brownies can be purchased online. Brownies are shipped Australia-wide for delivery. Dello Mano was originally inspired by Italian food artisans. We launched our brownie passion into a small family business in 2006. Since 2006 Dello Mano has handmade Luxury Brownie Gifts.

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