A Cake Delivery Success Story

A little while back we extended our Dello Mano luxury brownie delivery service to include our Luxury Cakes.
We now deliver our gorgeous hand made cakes around Brisbane metro bringing great produce to people unable to make it to our store here at Teneriffe.
Today we received another great  Dello Mano Cake delivery success story from Sach having ordered her cake on line she wrote on our website:
” I wanted to treat my mother with a high quality cake on her birthday. I was looking online for gourmet cakes in Queensland and Dello Mano was the only store in the area I could find. It had a variety of specialty cakes that suited my fancy and I knew she would like them. She likes cakes with less cream and it's hard to find one like that in Australia. I picked the apple cinnamon one because it seemed different to the regular mud cakes that you can get any where. All my family loved it, of course I was not there to eat it as I am in a different state to my family. Communication was great in dello mano, I called to check where the delivery man was and they were able to track down where it was and what time so someone can be home to receive it ūüôā It would be good if there is an option online to say what time we would like the cake to be delivered at. thanks to all at dello mano for making my mother's birthday a bit more special ūüôā “
Choose from a Luxury Cake range and order online or browse this link to see our Luxury Cake Catalogue. and then call us to order by phone or order on line
1300 661  682
We make to order so 24 hours notice is generally required for a specific cake -although we generally carry cakes for purchase we may not have your particular choice unless ordered.

Latin Secret Ingredient

Brownies are our life here at Dello Mano – if you’re looking for a brownie twist, ¬†the secret latin ingredient Dulce de Leche can make a great brownie even better. Dulce de Leche (pronounced DOOL-seh deh LEH-chey), translates from the Spanish as “Sweet of Milk”¬† is the secret ingredient used often in Argentinian desserts. It¬† hails from Buenos Aires and apparently dates back to 1829. Legend has it that is was created by accident as a servant distracted by two Generals, left a pot of milk and sugar boiling¬† creating what is now one of the most loved dessert components in Argentina. Used as a spread on bread or in pastries, Dulce de Leche takes the simple to sublime!


With a Spanish family back ground, we’ve long been fans of Dulce de Leche and we’ve recently launched Dello Mano Luxury Brownie Tart lavishly filled with the sweet creamy delicacy. True to our form we hand make the Dulce de Leche in our Dello Mano kitchen here in Teneriffe Brisbane as we are firm believers that hand made with no added any chemicals is the best way to go. ¬†Our Dello Mano Dulce de Leche tart is finished with ¬†gorgeous dark chocolate ganache.
Dulce de Leche can be made at home or can be bought in some specialty stores.
Making it at home is relatively easy although time consuming and you do need to keep stirring to prevent it from burning.





  1. Add all ingredients to a large, heavy based pot
  2. Place on low heat and stir until sugar is dissolved
  3. Stir continuously/regularly until the mixture is reduced and change to a dark caramel colour – approximately 2 hours
  4. Cool and store in the refrigerator

    Some other uses for Dulce de Leche include warming it and drizzling over ice cream or pouring over pancakes or crepes. For the moment we are going to enjoy it with our Dello Mano brownies. Do you have a favourite dessert with Dulce de Leche?  Enjoy!

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    Christmas Chocolate is Coming…

    Getting really busy here in the Dello Mano Kitchen with lots of wonderful chocolate and foods being prepared. Today we baked our lovely Star Ganache Shortbreads Рeach one hand made and filled with a velvety smooth Dark Chocolate and Espresso Ganache. A wonderful combination of Chocolate And genuine Espresso drawn from our coffee machine Рthey look so precious and delicate and have that  special Christmas feel.

    Dello Mano Shortbread Stars filled with Chocolate & Espresso Ganache

    Dello Mano Brownies Star!

    Today there is great excitement in the kitchens of Dello Mano!!!

    We just had our new kitchen hygiene and procedures reviewed and we was given our Star Rating for our premises at 29 Doggett St.

    Check out this video of the very excited team…. and let them tell you our Star Rating.

    Everyone has worked so hard – thanks to the team – great excitement today as we celebrate!

    Brownie Passion +

    Yes it is true we are absolutely passionate about brownies but for many of you who have visited our Dello Mano store at 29 Doggett St. Teneriffe you’ll know that we too love art. The words¬† Dello Mano¬† are corrupted Italian for “of the hand” meaning that we hand make our brownies, chocolates and cookies. As we were fitting out our new Doggett St. store we felt really strongly that our own hands then should be put to work in creating the atmosphere that would be our first Dello Mano store. We started the decoration process with the library wall (to be honest the rest of the store was still being built but we were on a tight schedule ) where I had been determined to use wallpaper. With less than a couple of weeks to opening day,¬† I scurried down to the local wallpaper store to select, only to find out that the lead time for many of them was about 3 weeks!¬† With only days till opening and starring at very blank walls, I decided to get creative.¬† I painted wall paper and then¬† spent hours matching and assessing the colours and patterns. Nervously I eventually ripped the paper into pieces to create a collage of colour and interest. As I put the wall together there was much comment from many on site ūüė¶¬† however in the end I felt that we had created something of our own uniqueness,with our own hands and therefore¬† put a little piece of us (albeit an exhausted us ) into the foundations of the store itself.

    Over this last weekend, Adam and Margaret two of our very supportive Dello Mano friends visited the store. Adam is a keen photographer and took this lovely photo of the library collage wall to which I am referring above. Great work Adam and thank you for sharing it so generously with us.

    library at 29 Doggett St. Teneriffe
    Dello Mano library wall - created by Deb - photo courtesy of Adam

    BMW luxury meets Dello Mano luxury brownie

    bmx luxury cars
    BMW 3 series recently launched with Dello Mano luxury brownies sharing the celebration.

    BMW recently launched their new 3 series. Dello Mano was fortunate to attend with our luxury brownies forming part of the “luxury”celebration. The launch was a great success with over 1000 people attending the Motorline BMW showroom at Daisy Hill. Our lovely Jen was there and given a wonderfully warm reception as she sampled the range of Dello Mano Luxury Brownies.

    dello mano luxury brownies at BMW
    Dello Mano luxury brownies at Motorline BMW

    Guests at the BMW 3 series launch were welcome to enjoy Dello Mano brownies and each attendee was given a little piece of Dello Mano luxury to take home and  enjoy whilst they imagined driving the new 3 Series.

    Dello Mano Luxury Brownies on display at Motorline BMW
    Luxury Brownies meet BMW luxury

    Dello Mano Luxury Brownie gift boxes were displayed with many guests showing interest in our Dello Mano Corporate Gift options.

    Dello Mano Luxury Brownie display
    Dello Mano Luxury brownies and BMW

    Thanks Craig and Aimee for allowing Dello Mano to be part of this wonderful event.

    Brownies aside for a moment…..

    Up until now I’ve been on a mission to make sure I¬† never ever know how to make a coffee! The reason being, if I learnt how to do it well then I’d need to make it myself. As a mother working and developing a small business it seemed one little luxury that I could hold onto – a cup of coffee and one of our Brownies. However with the forthcoming move to the new Dello Mano home at 29 Doggett St. Teneriffe,¬† the whole team was going off to Di Bella for extended training. Their excitement was¬† just too compelling and I found myself at the training session making my first ever coffee:

    deb's first cup of coffee for teneriffe store
    the first cup of coffee I made!

    I know all of the experts out there can probably tell it wasn’t the best cup of coffee and you are so right!¬† They have all put me to one side now. Of way more talent was our lovely kitchen team – they all did brilliantly.¬† Don’t they look proud of themselves:

    Dello Mano coffee training at Di Bella
    Dello Mano team and John from Di Bella

    and of course the leader of the coffee “pack”:

    coffee training at Di Bella
    the coffee leader looking rather proud of his accomplishment!

    Needless to say everyone is still making me coffee!

    I hope we see you at the new 29  Doggett St. Teneriffe store soon!

    Dello Mano Brownies on the Move!

    Earlier this year with the threat of water approaching our little kitchen at Breakfast Creek wharf we were given the opportunity to reflect on our growth as a business and our steps moving forward. For a few days we sat and waited for the waters to peak and during that time resolved that it was most probably time to move on from the Original Dello Mano Luxury Brownie home here at Brekky Creek.¬† As the days passed our first indication that the kitchen remained dry was on the Friday as we watched a News report from a helicopter talk through the damage along the river. We could see our bins were standing still, not floating and could safely assume that the top level of Brekky Creek Wharf had stayed dry. Sadly for many of the other tenants the lower levels didn’t fair as well.

    flood waters at the home of Dello Mano
    Flood Waters at Dello Mano- Brekky Creek Brisbane
    flood damage at 194 Breakfast Creek Rd. Newstead 4006
    flood damage at the base of the carpark at the home of Dello Mano

    Dry the Dello Mano kitchen was but unfortunately the power had been turned off early in the week and all of our product and stock was lost. As we sorted added bag on bag of rubbish to the pile we decided that in the new light we would search for a new home for Dello Mano and our little baby brownies.

    brownies post the flood
    the start of the Brownie pile up as we cleaned out our store rooms

    We were wounded after the floods but relative to so many others we were dry and decided it was a matter of picking up and getting going. Importantly it was time to assess our business and take the next scary step forward. Having looked around at many places we were called to come and look at a property at 29 Doggett St. Teneriffe. With another place firmly in my mind, we went down to just take a look anyway. There sitting looking back at us was the cutest little corner shop. We were in love. I imagined the doors tall and inviting surrounded by greenery just like the stores we had visited in France. Although I was keen not to recreate a French look alike, this corner had magic and so with this we were swept up in the romance of the little corner store.

    The whole building was once a mechanics workshop I believe and the developers had basically deconstructed the building when we came along. The good news for us was that there was the opportunity to have some involvement in the building and the way it would be set out.

    dello mano new home at Teneriffe
    Dello Mano New Home at Teneriffe

    Work began in earnest planning our new Dello Mano home ( and home for us since we spend so much time with our brownies). Plans were drawn and drawn and redrawn.

    As would be fitting, our new Brownie home lease was signed on top of an esky under the canopy of our stall at the Brisbane Farmers Market in Redacliff Place in the city.

    Bien Peralta signing the Dello Mano 29 Doggett St. Teneriffe lease
    Benny signing the Dello Mano lease 29 Doggett St. Teneriffe Brisbane

    The fun and hard work was just beginning with a kitchen that looks like this below:

    29 doggett St. Teneriffe, Brisbane
    Dello Mano Luxury Brownie kitchen at Teneriffe Brisbane

    Small business is a funny thing. We started the year in the mess of the flood and we are finishing it with a building project that took us backward before we can move forward.

    All it’s Cracked Up to Be

    cracker craft
    cracker craft hits the top of Paris

    When ¬†you are in the infancy of a business,there ‘s generally one rule…. it’s “one in….all in”. ¬†It’s ¬†an all consuming affair for the founders , their immediate family and in a lot of cases their extended family. Lots of our extended family are not ¬†“blood relations” ¬†but they may as well be.

    It is well documented ¬†in many cases ¬†that the ability for a business to “Kick ¬†on” in the early stages ¬†is as a result of the support of ¬†some True ¬†Believers . ¬†In our case….its to those that understand the Dello Mano dream. Those believers include our family, close friends and our beautiful small ¬†team in the kitchen.

    This leads me onto our special friends Nic and Michael. ¬†N & M were some of our first friends when we ¬†moved cross town 5 or so years ago. ¬†We’re sure that they lovingly think Bien & I are nuts. They’ve seen the nutty ¬†things that we’ve done to get things rolling . Crazy we may be and giggle they might at some of our extreme exploits but they have always amazingly supported us and so very often joined in the exploits and madness.

    Some years ago, we started the tradition of our families having News Year Lunch/Day/Evening together. ¬† After lunch, few Sauv Blancs and Moscatos to welcome 2011, our attention turned to popping some x’mas crackers , enjoyable conversation and the consumption of ¬†naturally Dello Mano Chocolate Brownies.

    Amidst all of the frivolity , we noticed that Nicole had transformed the Cracker ¬†waste into curious and intriguing works of art which we officially named ¬†“Cracker Craft”. ¬†It may yet be an untapped discovery.

    Fast Forward to May 2011. We decided to go on our French Sojourn to seek inspiration and stimulation. This was a big step for us as we’d never left the business in 5 years. ¬† Our impromptu ( there’s no time like the present ) trip.

    So in steps Nic! She understood the importance of our trip and bingo….she’s onto it.

    She organises to juggle ¬†her three Kids (all very mature ūüôā ), run a household and another job, be in the Brownie kitchen and help Dello Mano everyday, organise a house sitter for our stay, find Beautiful Julia to help keep the sales motor running and so much more. Without her, our trip would not have been possible.

    As Nic couldn’t come with us, we decided that we needed the essence of Nic with us during our travels. So we decided to invite Crack Craft with us.

    We’ decided that Cracker Craft had a real place amidst the glamour and chic of Paris so here you’ll see Cracker craft in situ in Paris. ¬†For those reading, please indulge our frivolity for a moment as it is Friend like Nic, a real believer that help build dreams and makes the dream so much better as we share it. ¬†Somehow or other lugging cracker craft across the world felt like we had brought Nic (and her family) with us as we joked taking photos of cracker craft in Paris with many on lookers staring wondering what we were doing!

    Cracker Craft takes on Paris and climbs the Eiffel Tower

    Cracker Craft and the Eiffel Tower
    Cracker Craft climbs the Eiffel Tower

    Cracker Craft Seeing the Sights  La Tour Eiffel by Night

    eiffel tower Paris
    Cracker Craft at the top of Paris

    Cracker Craft Braves the Metro (and comes out slightly better off than Dello Mano !)

    the Metro Paris
    cracker craft braves the Metro

    Cracker Craft rubs shoulders with Prada and Gucci

    cracker craft
    cracker craft rubs shoulders with Prada

    Cracker Craft adorns a stylish bistro table in Paris adding just that little bit extra to table presentation.

    cracker craft
    cracker craft lends style and sophistication of Paris Bistro table

    And of course we have always felt Cracker Craft had a place in the top department stores of Paris so here is Cracker Craft riding high above Galleries Lafayette.

    cracker craft in Paris
    Cracker Craft atop all the Paris brands

    Thanks Nic! – Dello Mano and all of us so, so grateful!