Follow your dream: shocking truth is that there are hurdles

There’s a famous quote that goes “What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals” {Henry David Thoreau}. Not that I had this quote in mind back in those early days when we were launching Dello Mano. With product development just finished we received  a call from the city’s major newspaper, the Courier Mail, informing … Continue reading Follow your dream: shocking truth is that there are hurdles

Christmas Brownies are go!

A huge part of Christmas Brownies at Dello Mano is the slicing, dicing and cutting of the delicious fruits – everything from sultanas, apricots, raisins, currants, figs, cherries, prunes and dates. We hand make all of our luxury brownies and literally marinate the fruit for our Christmas Brownies for many weeks ahead of celebration time- we know the best Christmas brownies come from careful and … Continue reading Christmas Brownies are go!

A Cake Delivery Success Story

A little while back we extended our Dello Mano luxury brownie delivery service to include our Luxury Cakes. We now deliver our gorgeous hand made cakes around Brisbane metro bringing great produce to people unable to make it to our store here at Teneriffe. Today we received another great  Dello Mano Cake delivery success story from Sach having ordered her cake on line she wrote … Continue reading A Cake Delivery Success Story

Latin Secret Ingredient

Brownies are our life here at Dello Mano – if you’re looking for a brownie twist,  the secret latin ingredient Dulce de Leche can make a great brownie even better. Dulce de Leche (pronounced DOOL-seh deh LEH-chey), translates from the Spanish as “Sweet of Milk”  is the secret ingredient used often in Argentinian desserts. It  hails from Buenos Aires and apparently dates back to 1829. … Continue reading Latin Secret Ingredient

3 Interesting Brownies Facts

Brownies are full of interesting facts – here are three: 1. The Brownie made its first public appearance in 1893 at the Columbian Exposition, held in Chicago. The owner of the Palmer Hotel, Bertha Palmer requested a dessert for ladies lunches such that it could be packed and eaten from lunch boxes The Brownie was introduces in the United States at the end of the … Continue reading 3 Interesting Brownies Facts

Brownie Search at Borough Market : London

We went in search of brownies at London’s Borough markets.  We weren’t successful but wow are there some great sights. This is London’s oldest fruit and vegetable market, dating back to the 13th Century and it does not disappoint. Food heaven; all presented so beautifully. And if not food, equally well presented plants or flowers and all so creative and uplifting. Recommend a visit to … Continue reading Brownie Search at Borough Market : London