15 Ways You Know You Are A Brownie Snob

1. Your child’s favorite snack is brownies and milk.

2. Your wedding cake was made of brownies.

Dello Mano Wedding Cake
Shane and Tammy Stefanutto


3. To you, brownies don’t just make for great snacks or desserts; you also know that they make any other dessert better.

Dello Mano Brownie Sundae
Dello Mano Brownie Sundae

4. You know exactly which brownie flavor goes best with coffee….. or beer

Beer and Brownie
Beer and Brownie Tasting


 or champagne or wine


5. Bertha Palmer, Betty Crocker’s Baking Classics and Bangor Brownies all ring a bell.

6. From baby showers to Christmas—you believe brownies are perfect for every occasion, whether you give them as presents, giveaways or serve them to eat.

Brownies and teddy bear baby welcome baby gift
Christmas Santa Hat Brownies at Dello Mano

7. Your distinct taste in brownies lets you tell between handmade luxury brownies, ready-mix-brownies and regular brownies.

8. You don’t mind visiting thrift shops and garage sales for home furnishing, goodwill, Target or K-Mart for fashion BUT only the best brownies in Australia satisfies your craving.

lashings of handmade caramel over Belgian Chocolate Brownie

9. Your idea of a good time is going to brownie tasting events. You like being up-to-date on the freshest ingredients, flavor combinations and the best stores.

At the Dello Mano Brownie Minister launch party

10. Your calendar is marked with 4 important brownie days:

January 22 (National Blonde Brownie Day)
February 10 (National Cream Cheese Brownie Day)
May 9 (National Butterscotch Brownie Day)
December 8 (National Brownie Day)


11. You consider travelling to different countries to taste brownie variations, to learn more about brownie ingredients or to go straight to the source of chocolate-y goodness—Africa.

memories of our trip to Paris – this one so beautiful as the shop keeper watches over his much loved store

12. Cookie jar? Candy jar? Not for you! Yours is filled with luxury brownies!

13. You have the brownie website bookmarked on your browser or the delivery number saved on speed dial.

14. You have the best luxury brownie locations saved as waypoints in your GPS.

15. You found yourself nodding in agreement as you read this. 😉

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