What Makes Dello Mano Brownies a Work of Art?

Do you love art? If yes, how would you define it?

Here in Dello Mano, we love art as much as we love baking. And we make sure to incorporate it in everything we do. For us, art is creating something with love and passion. It is putting hard work and commitment to develop a masterpiece. It is selecting the best ingredients, paying attention to details, and being consistent in terms of quality.

OG5N8152What makes Dello Mano brownies an art?

Our passion for what we do. A good work of art doesn’t come easily. Behind each masterpiece lies the hard work, time and commitment that the artist spent. The owners, Deborah and Bien Peralta, spent many years perfecting their innovative and scrumptious brownie recipes, which were developed to achieve supreme taste and flavour.

Our commitment to quality. Dello Mano brownies are made from the finest and freshest ingredients. From the moment we began selling brownies, we continue to use premium ingredients, which most would come from our neighbours at the Farmer’s Market.

Our artistic presentation. Dello Mano brownies are packed exquisitely, which makes them a perfect gift for any occasion, such as weddings, anniversaries, parties, and corporate events. Our attention to details enables us to create beautiful and elegant chocolate gifts that are pleasing both to the eyes and taste.

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Our superior customer service. Art is not simply a symbolism of beauty. When you see art, you know it is a good one when it somehow connects with you in special ways. Dello Mano brownies don’t only please your palate, these delicious morsels also please your heart with the kindness and love offered by our team. Despite our growing customer base, we manage to keep our production done by hand, so a little of our heart goes into each brownie we make. When you order brownies from Dello Mano, you know you are getting something that is done from scratch, and not some factory made brownies made from pre-mixes. Each batch of luxury brownies are made in our kitchen by us.

We believe that how a business treats their clients is equally important with how they make their products. Apart from our scrumptious brownies and chocolate creations, the reason why customers keep coming back for more is our exceptional customer service. We know that not all customers are the same, so we always tailor our services to meet their needs.

And because we value our clients so much, we make it easy for them to order brownies through our online store. We ship brownies all over Australia, and even overseas. Many people love Dello Mano brownies. Tourists who visit Australia always stop by at our store to experience what most say are the “best brownies” they have tasted. Other than enjoying their brownies at our cosy shop, visitors also order takeaways for their loved ones at home. We implement a strict shipping process to ensure that the recipient of your gift still get the best of Dello Mano luxury brownies.

Our undying passion for brownies, along with our commitment to quality, artistic presentation, and excellent customer service – all these makes each batch of Dello Mano luxury brownies a work of art.

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